Allah has said?

Allah has said?
Follow Allah with his heart and deed.
I’m sure we all have observed the irony of seeing a person who is learned in the Quran and the religion, go about their daily activities in complete opposition to what is written in the Koran. They create problems for themselves that we would expect people to do less knowledge, not a person educated in religion or scripture. You would think that he knew nothing good from evil.

However, great men (and women) were shot down by succumbing to the draw of the opposite sex. What did Allah say? He, Allah says, only to have legal relationships with your partner. This is a clear and simple command from the Creator. Yet, some people behave as if they never heard about – or do not understand it, although it is clear and simple.

How to avoid the major sins and minor sins on working, you probably will earn a ticket to paradise.

There are some people, some young and some not so young, who believe that marijuana use is allowed in religion. They get this feeling, saying that it is a “natural grass” and Allah says herb bearing seeds are good for us. In this case, why not smoke Poison Ivy?

And ‘dangerous to try to pull on technicalities directives plain and basic Allah revealed to His Prophet Muhammad (s). Allah clearly says to shun intoxicants. It does not say if those that come naturally from the earth. Everything is from the earth.

Some people think that drinking a little ‘of wine is acceptable, because Allah says: “In it is a good thing …” But these people do not want to end up thinking of the verse in which Allah says that the “beyond good evil, so do not drink at all.” Some scientific studies say a little ‘wine helps the heart. But our Creator knew all the time, that’s why he said it was something good in it. But simple and simply Allah says: “Do not do it.” He knows that it is a tool of Satan to bring down below him. What does Allah say? Do not do it.

Some people have negative opinions about themselves. It can be obesity, low self-esteem, racial inferiority or anything else. They left the dogs and people will misuse them because they feel they deserve this treatment. They could go through their whole life to carry around the heavy burden and that is a useless burden. What does Allah say the human being?

Allah says that honored human beings. This is very clearly stated in the Qur’an. Yet some people who have knowledge of this (in Arabic and English), act as if they had ever read.

The Koran contains teachings of both simple and basic and also contains the allegorical verses. Allah says those simple, simple lines are the foundation of the book. He wants us to focus on those lines so our life will be peaceful and balanced. The allegory can be addressed later.

In all your efforts, just ask yourself – What Allah has said?




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