Use the power of Allah to all your problems

Use the power of Allah to all your problems

With the name of Allah, the Merciful Benefactor, Merciful Savior

How many times have you browsed the Holy Quran is one and I saw something very significant to the preservation of human life that he had never seen before? This scripture called the Koran a book is a comprehensive guide to human beings, wherever they are on the planet. This really is the last revelation of Allah and there will be no more prophets bringing Scripture ever. There remains only revivers refreshments or religion. These people are called mujeddid. Do not groped to bring every new revelation, but only reminds us of what has already been revealed.

This knowledge can guide us in the Qur’an that a solution for all our problems is the most valuable knowledge we can possess.

We are constantly bombarded with everyday problems that we live. Allah reminds us in the Qur’an, one that even though we say we believe, we will be constantly tested. He is trying in many ways – with prosperity and adversity. The main thing for us to remember each test is put on us is the opportunity to raise a higher level. I read recently that the Chinese symbol for the problem is the very symbol of opportunity.

A young woman came to me recently with a very serious problem. He heard voices in his head saying bad things about her, her family, and Allah. Although I am not qualified to manage this serious disease of the mind, I noticed that part of his problem was putting other people and circumstances upon her.

Allah says that there is nothing above the human being, except him.

This lady has called about 50 of these people who say they can remove bad omens from the body of a person. I heard on the speakerphone while re-called about 10 of them. Everyone said the same thing to her: “You have been ‘fixed’ and I can remove the evil eye, but you must first send me $ 150.00.” These crooks just want to profit off the misery of the poor souls who call them.

As I said, I’m not a psychiatrist, and therefore not qualified to treat these cases. But when I left the house of my visit, and verified the next day, his spirit has been lifted from just me reminding her that Allah has a place above that Satan whispers to her and trying to knock her off the floor Allah has raised her place.

This is a great lesson for the rest of us that can not be seriously compromised, as this young woman. Sometimes you can hear the little “voices” of insecurity in ourselves. We have strong feelings of racial inferiority.

We can look with envy and jealousy toward someone we think is better than us and we immediately below them.

These feelings are just tools of the devil. He is simply fulfilling his promise of Allah, when it was given respite until the day they are raised (the day we are made aware of our true position in this life). So, when we focus on the Last Revelation, and what it says about the excellence of the human being, gives us a new momentum of freedom and pride in ourselves and Shaitan truce is over, at least for him personally.

There is no reason everyone should be happy and comfortable every day. Allah has blessed us with this beautiful creation and the most excellent guide to manage properly, and we should be grateful. For He says: “If you’re grateful, I will increase your generosity.






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