What Will The Dajjal Do?

What Will The Dajjal Do?

As mentioned earlier, the false Messiah will be the greatest test of humanity has ever faced. But his confusion is even more worrying for Muslims. Why? Because unlike many others, Muslims recognize its falsity and will work against him.

The Antichrist will come from the Central Asian region known as Khorasan. This is an area that covers parts of Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan. It will rise to power with his miracles and magic. You will travel around the world spreading his corruption.

The Anti-Christ, first you declare to be a prophet of God. Then claim that he is God himself. Most people in the world believe in him and worship him. He confused the people by showing them something that looks like a river of water, but it really is a river of fire, and something that looks like fire, but it really is water.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) warned us that if we are faced with a choice, we must choose the fire.

The False Messiah will also have the power to control the climate and products of the earth. For those who obey, follow and worship him, he will reward you with abundant crops and wealth. And those who do not worship him (ie Muslims), he will punish them with hunger and poverty.

That’s because the fitnah (trial) of the Antichrist will be so difficult. You can imagine how difficult it is to resist following him when you are faced with starvation and death.

The Antichrist will convince people that he is a god doing miracles similar to those of Jesus (peace be upon him) performed. For example, some believe that he will have brought their parents back from the dead.

He will also seek to convince Muslims. Some Muslims will follow him and others not. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) warned us to stay away from the Antichrist completely, since some people will go to him as a believer, and leave a disbeliever.

However, one of the best Muslims recognize the Antichrist for what it is and goes to confront him. The Muslim says: “I bear witness that you are the Dajjaal our Prophet has warned us.”

The Anti-Christ, then ask other Muslims: “If I kill the man and bring him back to life, will still doubt me?”

People will say: “No,” and the Anti-Christ will kill the Muslims and bring it back to life. Then the believer will say: “Now I know that you are the Dajjaal!”

The Antichrist will try to kill him again, but they will not succeed.

This type of confusion does not end there. He will travel in the wilderness and bring forth crops, and the treasures and wealth. Wealth will follow him wherever he goes, and those who believe in him will benefit from this wealth.

According to a hadith, the Antichrist will be on earth for forty days. But these days are not like normal days. One day will be like a year, it will be like one day a month, one will be like a week, and the remaining 37 days will be like normal days. If we take this letter, it would seem that it will be with us for about a year and a half months. But Allah knows best.





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