25 Names of Prophet and Apostle

In the religion of Islam there are 25 prophets and apostles who shall be known by the Prophet Muhammad as the last prophet for all people spanjang period, namely:

1. Adam AS.
2. Idris AS.
3. Nuh AS.
4. Hud AS.
5. Soleh AS.
6. Ibrahim AS.
7. Luth AS.
8. Ismail AS.
9. Ishak AS.
10. Yakub AS.
11. Yusuf AS.
12. Ayub AS.
13. Syu’aib AS.
14. Musa AS.
15. Harun AS.
16. Zulkifli AS.
17. Daud AS.
18. Sulaiman AS.
19. Ilyas AS.
20. Ilyasa AS.
21. Yunus AS.
22. Zakaria AS.
23. Yahya AS.
24. Isa AS.
25. Muhammad SAW.
Prophet who earned the nickname Ulul Azmi or prophets / apostles who have remarkable resilience in carrying out his prophetic:

1. Nuh AS.
2. Ibrahim AS.
3. Musa AS.
4. Isa AS.
5. Muhammad SAW.





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