Danger of Resembling a Kaafir

Resembling a kaafir danger

Verily all praise is God’s. We praised him. We appeal to Him for help. We also begged for forgiveness and repent to Him. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and our evil deeds.

Whoever is given guidance by God then nothing can be misleading. Similarly, whoever Allah led astray then there is no one who could give him guidance.

I bear witness that no god has the right to be worshiped except Allah alone without any allies for him. I also testify that Muhammad is His slave and His messenger, human choice and his lover.

He is the man that God gave the mandate to get the revelation. It was he who delivered the Shari’a of Allah to all mankind.

May God give praise and salvation for him, his family and all companions.

O ye who believe, O servants of God you fear God. Anyone who fear Allah, God shall keep and guide him to do the best good in world affairs or matters of religion.

O servants of Allah, we are a people who honored God with Islam. God has given us guidance to follow the best creature, and may God give flattering for her safety. God has guided us to embrace religion and the straight path. A path that will bring the culprit to the paradise full of pleasure.

O servants of God, at first the religion of Islam is foreign in the midst of many people. Formerly a human being in a sea of ​​ignorance and misguidance. They can not distinguish between good and munkar, truth and falsehood and between directions with heresy. After that, God gives grace to the man with the coming of Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, as a giver of glad tidings for the believers and giving the news a threat to unbelievers as well as giving directions to the straight path of Allah. With him God opened the eyes of the hearts of those who are blind. With himself, God save mankind from ignorance. With the appointment of himself as a prophet and messenger, Allah lighten his ways are straight so obvious to everyone.

None of the good unless he show to his people. Similarly, all the ugliness he has been warned not to do by his people.

In a saheeh hadeeth, he said,

بدأ الإسلام غريبا وسيعود كما بدأ غريبا فطوبى للغرباء

“In the beginning of Islam was foreign and that Islam will return as foreign at first. It was fortunately a foreign people. “(Reported by Muslim from Abu Hurairah 389)

This means that many people who deny the truth of the teachings of Islam. Humans do not recognize it because their hearts are filled with error and the time they were full of ignorance. They do not know the true religion. They can not distinguish between truth and falsehood, between help with error.

After that, in the hadeeth of the Prophet tells us that Islam will return as foreign at first.

O servants of Allah, this occurs when the teachings of Islam began to disappear because many people no longer know Islam.

This suggests that the heart and soul that could change. Many people do not know the science of religion and understand the rules of God. At that time the state of the heart and soul of man has changed dramatically due to a heart full of the ignorance of religion and away from God.

Narrated by al Mu’jam Tabaraani in with a saheeh isnaad, the Prophet said, “One day men will experience a period. Hearts of the Muslims at that time was not unlike the hearts of those who Ajam (read: pagan) “.

O servants of Allah is the Ajam in this hadith are the enemies of Islam both Jewish, Christian or other. They are the ones who disbelieved and misguided.

O servants of God, their hearts just perversity and evil.
In this hadith, the Prophet tells us that someday, humans will experience a period. Hearts of the Muslims at the time were similar to the hearts of the unbelievers. This caused the Muslims no longer know his religion, ignorance of religion are widespread and tend to resemble the Muslims and the parrot with the unbelievers in the problem of feast days, customs, clothing and all things are identical with the unbelievers. This is a very painful condition.

O servants of Allah a devout Muslim who would save him from disease oriented to the heathen in all cases stained with this disease or even a little. May Allah keep us all.

O servants of Allah, in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim, there is a hadith from Abu Said al Khudri of the Prophet. He said,

لتتبعن سنن من كان قبلكم شبرا شبرا وذراعا بذراع, حتى لو دخلوا جحر ضب تبعتموهم

“What you will follow the behavior of those before you span by span, cubit by cubit. To the extent that if they get into the desert lizard hole course you will follow. ”

News of the Prophet to convey the meaning of this hadith contains a warning not to do so (read: the behavior resembles the unbelievers) and the prohibition order not to fall in the damnation that is followed in the footsteps of infidels.

O servants of Allah, the duty of every Muslim to listen and to memorize the above hadith to be extra vigilant and careful not to parrot-like behavior of infidels and enemies of Islam.

This awareness needs to be improved in this day and age. Because in this age pagans customs, religious rituals and behaviors so they can be accessed with ease. Culture and the various behaviors pagans unfounded science thus easily get into the middle of the house of the Muslims through television, internet and pulp magazines.

O servants of Allah, this is the beginning of the onset of damage to thinking and common sense, destruction of religious and moral decadence. Many Muslims are infidels resemble a variety of behaviors, whereas in an authentic hadith the Prophet said,

“Whoever resembles a group of people then he is a part of them.”

O servants of Allah, this is great calamity that befell those who resemble the disbelievers.

Anyone who resembles the unbelievers until the end of his life then Allah will raise it with the unbelievers.

احشروا الذين ظلموا وأزواجهم

Which means, “(the angel commanded): Gather the people who do wrong with their peers.” (Surat Ash Shaffat: 22)

Referred to in the paragraph above azwajahum explanation according to some interpretations of experts are the ones who like them.

This means that everyone will be resurrected along with people who have a charity similar to her.

Allah also says,

وإذا النفوس زوجت

Which means, “And if the souls be paired.” (Surat at Takwir: 7)

Some expert commentators explain this verse by saying that on Judgement Day they will be resurrected along with people who have a charity like him.

O servants of Allah, who is the person willing to be resurrected on the Day of Judgement together with unbelievers filled with actors covered in sin or sinners who perish. He will be raised next to the Gentiles caused admiration, and quack like a heathen.

O servants of God, the great calamity has befallen many young men or women of the Muslims because they resemble the disbelievers in a dress. They like all the fashion from the infidels. If there is a new mode appears they immediately put it on. Even according to some circles to follow the development of fashion apparel infidels and their tradition is a very vital necessities of life and something that can not be separated from the person’s life. Therefore they keep abreast with the very detailed fashion.

O servants of Allah, for Allah is a big disaster when we saw some young Muslims that makes the front or the back of the body as a means of promoting the infidel or immoral expert by wearing clothes with a picture of the unbelievers. Clothing partly be a vehicle for promotion of Islamic youth unbelievers and sinners are the experts.

The front or back of the picture contains some young people infidels or unbelievers inscribed her name and a description of who his true identity. Even some people will not care if there is a cross on his clothes. She bought clothes that are drawings of the cross that are characteristic of the Nazarenes.

Where are our reason? Where do we envy with religion? Where our manhood? Where are we to follow the principles of religion? Where our vigilance against the infidels?

O servants of Allah, here It appeared clearly how great the responsibility of the merchants and sellers of clothing. They should fear Allah to protect young Muslims and Muslim women.

To the extent that now a father that his son’s attention to religion or a desire for the good of his wife and daughters find it difficult to get clothes that reflect a sense of shame. He will not get the kind of clothes he was looking for except with great difficulty because it is very rare on the market. This is because people so fascinated with clothes that do not reflect shame and thus human spirit to resemble the disbelievers.

Our common obligation, O servants of God, to feel noble religion that we have embraced, clinging to the ethics of Islam and preserving the hallmark of our manhood and the muslims. We are obliged to stay away from the various sources of disaster and hobbies like pagans who just lead us to destruction in the world and the hereafter.

O God, we pray to Thee by Thy names are very beautiful and properties of thy noble heart that you wake us from a long hibernation and you relive our souls, O the One who has the grandeur and glory . O Allah, show us Thy straight path and save us all and our children and mothers of the disease resemble the enemies of Allah, O the One who has the grandeur and glory. Verily Thou art the Essence of who hears prayers and the hopes. It is enough for us Thou and Thou is the best protector.

Second Khutbah

All praise belongs to Allah. He is the One who has a very great kindness and grace and generosity are very broad.

I bear witness that no god has the right to be worshiped except Allah alone, without allies for him.

I also testify that Muhammad is His slave and His messenger. May God give flattering and safety for him, his family and all companions.

O servants of Allah, that if you have lost heart because of the light away from the light source to the heart of al-Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, then the liver will be completely dark. So the liver can no longer see the truth and guidance. Even truth and guidance regardless of the liver bit by bit.

Therefore a good Muslim should ask Allah for God to save him from temptation and protect the heart from various sources of destruction.

Contained in a saheeh hadeeth in a great prayer of the Prophet taught every Muslim to pray with him. Prayer is, “O Allah, I seek refuge in Thee from munkar morals, desires and diseases.”

This prayer mentions various types of munkar munkar morals, passions and munkar munkar disease. Various munkar if taint and smear the heart and soul will cause the liver to be blind so could not see things as actual so mired in a variety of dark hearts astray.

So it becomes our collective obligation to control our lives with great earnestness and seriousness to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, and stay away from things that will not deliver unless the culprit into ruin in the world and the hereafter.

O servants of Allah, those who truly intelligent are those who subjugate his desires and then prepare for post-death charity. Meanwhile, people are really helpless indulgence is a person who desires but he hung a variety of empty dreams to God.

Know that the most correct words is the word of God while the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa-sallam. Ugly-ugly case in matters of religion is new. New case in the religion that is called heresy and every heresy is misguidance.
Let you bershalawat to Muhammad bin Abdillah as commands that God has given to you in His Word,

إن الله وملائكته يصلون على النبي يا أيها الذين آمنوا صلوا عليه وسلموا تسليما

Which means, “Allah and His angels bershalawat to the Prophet. O ye who believe! Bershalawatlah you to honor the Prophet and say hello to him. “(Surat al-Ahzab: 56)

The Prophet said, “Whoever bershalawat me once Allah will bershalawat for him as much as ten times.”

O Allah, give shalawatMu to Muhammad and to the family of Muhammad as You have given to Ibrahim and for blessings on the family of Abraham. Thou art the mighty and supreme commendable. Give blessing to Muhammad and the family of Muhammad as You have given blessings to Abraham and to the family of Abraham. Thou art the mighty and supreme commendable.

O Allah give Your blessings to the four first four caliphs who get the guidance of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali. Similarly, O Allah give Your blessings to all the Companions and Successors, and all those who follow them well until the day of Resurrection. Likewise, give thy blessing to us with grace, mercy and your goodness, O merciful almighty substance.

O Allah, glorify Islam and Muslims and hinakanlah polytheism and polytheists and destroy all the enemies of religion.

Lead O God our rulers to pursue Thy guidance and make charity is a charity that you ridhoi.

Lead O God of all rulers of the Muslims to want to practice your book and follow the sunnah of your prophet-sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa-sallam.

O Allah, grant unto our souls devotion. Purify our souls. You are the best of which purify the soul because You are the substances that regulate the human soul.

O Allah, help us and do not you help the person who will trouble us. Give victory to us and you do not win our enemies. Make maker to help us and do not you create plots to harm us.

Give instructions to us and mudahkanlah guidance for us. Help us to deal with people who menzalimi us.

O Allah make us those who give thanks and love to remember You, the person who likes to repent, obey and khusyu thee.

O Allah, accept our repentance, wash our sins, give instructions to our hearts, keep our oral and please remove resentment and jealousy from our hearts.
O Allah, fix our religion which is the handle of our lives. Improve our world because that’s where we live. Improve our last world because that’s where we’ll be back. Make our lives in this world as a good addition for us and make the death as a means to break us from various evils.

Ya Allah forgive our sins, sins and the sins of our parents all Muslims, both men and women and all who believe both men and women, whether alive or deceased.

O Allah, forgive all our sins both small especially large, the former or the latter, which is done by secretly or openly.

O Allah, forgive deeds we have done or have not we done, what we did in secret or openly, and all the sins that you know and we do not know. Thou and thou quit advancing. No god is right to be worshiped but thyself.

Yes indeed we beg forgiveness of God to thee. Truly You are the All-forgiving. Hence derive the heavy rain to us.

Ya Allah sends down rain for us, sent down rain for us, sent down rain for us.

O God, we pray to Thee with all Thy name the most beautiful and thy noble nature and with our words that You are God that no one has the right to be worshiped but thyself.

O the One who hears and eliminate the unfortunate person in distress as long as he wants to pray.

O substances that are living and taking care of all beings, O substance that has the majesty and glory. O Allah derive the rain to us and do not you make us those who despair.

O God, derive the rain to us, and do not you make us people who lose hope.

Yes derive the benefits of rain and kindness to us. Do you send down rain that endanger us both in the present or in the future.

O Allah suburkan our hearts with faith and our country with rain suburkanlah
O God, the rain that we ask is a sign of rain thy mercy, not the rain is the cause of destruction, doom and floods.

O Allah for rain we derive, derive the rain for us, derive the rain for us.
Oh Allah we’ve tengadahkan our hands and we pray our prayers. You are the substances that can not reject the prayer of thy servant, and will not upset a Muslim who prays.

O God, graciously hear what we ask for. Do you refuse our request. O God add blessings to us, do you subtract. Utamakanlah us and do not you prefer someone else than us.

O God, thy mercy we expected. Do You pasrahkan our selves to our own if only for an instant.

There is no god but You are right to be worshiped.
Our last appeal is greeting alhamdu lillahi rabbil ‘alamin.
Moga Allah praise, give salvation, blessings and favors for the servants of Allah and His messenger that is our prophet Muhammad, his family and all companions.

Friday sermon on 21 Shawwal 1428 H

Abdurrazzaq Shaykh bin Abdul Muhsin Al-Abbad





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