Definition and Procedure Fasting Ramadan, Mondays and Thursdays, Nazar, Ramadhan, Fasting Mid-Month, Ashura, Arafat and Syawal

Definition and Procedure Fasting Ramadan, Mondays and Thursdays, Nazar, Ramadhan, Fasting Mid-Month, Ashura, Arafat and Syawal

Meaning of fasting according to the language is restrained. According to the Shari’a of Islam fasting is a form of worship to Allah by refraining from eating, drinking, lust, and other things that can break the fast from sunrise / dawn / dawn until sunset / sunset with the intention of the previous advance .

The days are prohibited from fasting, namely:
– During Lebaran Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 10 Dhu al-Hijjah and Eid al-Adha
– Day tasyriq: 11, 12, and 13 zulhijjah

Fasting has the functionality and benefits to make us become resistant to the passions, patient, disciplined, honest, care about the poor, always be thankful to Allah SWT, and also to make the body become more healthy.

People are allowed to break their fast before the time is:
– In the 80.640 km long trip (mandatory qodo fasting)
– Moderate pain and unable to fast (obligatory fasting qodo)
– Are pregnant or breast-feeding (qada obligatory fasting and ransom)
– It’s the elderly or ill that does not heal (must pay fidyah 3 / 4 liters of rice or other food)

A. Fasting Ramadan
Fasting Ramadan is obligatory law for people who are healthy. And those who are ill or have an obstacle can pay in other Ramadan fasting month of Ramadan a day other than. Ramadan fasting done during a full moon in the month of Hijra calendar Romadhon / islam. Ramadan fasting month ended with the coming of Ramadhan in which was celebrated with Eid ied / Eid.

B. Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays
Monday thursday fasting is sunna legal / circumcision where there is no obligation and compulsion to run it. Implementation of the monday thursday fasting is similar to other fasting should only be done on Thursday and Monday only, not on other days.

C. Fasting Nazar
For votive fasting is obligatory if it is the intention to fasting vows. If fasting vows can not be done then it can be replaced by freeing a slave / slave or feeding / clothing ten poor people. Votive fasting is usually done if there is why that was intended before because it happened. Nazar do if get a blessing from / success or free from calamities / disaster. Votive fasts done as a sign of gratitude to Allah SWT for ni’mat and Rizki has been given.

D. Fasting Month Shaban / Nisfu Ramadhan
Nisfu Ramadhan fasting is undertaken at the beginning of fasting in the month of mid-Shaban. Shaban fast implementation is similar to other fast.

E. Mid Fasting Month
Mid-month of fasting Fasting is done on the 13th, 14th and 15th of each month according to Hijra calendar. Implementation of the mid-month of fasting is similar to other fasting.

F. Fasting Ashura
Ashura Fasting is fasting done on the 10th of the month sacred / sacred. Implementation of fasting assyura similar to other fast.

G. Fasting Arafat
Fasting is fasting Arafat held on the 9th of the month of Dhul-Hijjah for those who are not performing religious pilgrimage. Implementation of Arafah is similar to other fast.

F. Fasting Syawal
Shawwal Fasting is done in six days in Shawwal. Shawwal Fasting may be performed on 6 consecutive days after Eid Eid. Implementation of Arafah is similar to other fast.



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