Digest Bible Torah

Digest Bible Torah

Holy book of the law is holy book sent down by Allah Almighty to Prophet Musa while it is on the hill thursina bermunajat Sinai desert. Torah based on the language of Hebrew has the sense or meaning of the definition of law, or Shari’a law.

According to the book “Islamic religious instruction” written by prof. Dr. Hamka former chairman of the MUI / Indonesian Ulema Council, the book of law has 10 basic law or the Ten Commandments which contain the following points:

1. Recognizes the oneness of Allah
2. Prohibition of worship statues and idols, because God can not diserupai with creatures creatures
3. The prohibition refers to God in vain
4. Glorifying Saturday
5. Honoring father and mother
6. Prohibition of killing fellow human beings
7. prohibition of adultery
8. prohibition of stealing
9. Prohibition of a witness who lied
10. The ban has the desire to master the rights of others.




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