Names 10 The angel of Allah

Names 10 The angel of God

Here is the name of angels in the Quran nor in the Hadiths of the Prophet by the number of ten angels we need to know the name and job title or tigas them. The number of angels is actually not countless. Angels created by Allah from light materials or nur created only to worship God without having passions like human beings and the demons that cursed.

1. The angel Gabriel has a duty / duty convey the revelation from Allah SWT.

2. Angel Isrofil / Izrofil have a duty / duty trumpet markers doomsday has arrived.

3. Angel Izroil / Isroil / Death has a duty / duty take a life.

4. Angel Rokib / Rakib / Raqib / Roqib have a duty / duty memcatat all good deeds or virtuous person.

5. Angel Atit / Atid have a duty / duty noting all the bad, depraved and sinful person.

6. Angel of wrongdoing / Munkar has the job / duty to ask someone at the grave of his deeds during life on earth.

7. Nakir angel has a duty / duty to ask someone at the grave of his deeds during life on earth. Same with the job desc angels Munkar

8. The angel Michael has a job / task is to provide and deliver fortune / rizki.

9. The angel Ridwan has the job / in charge of guarding the gates of heaven

10. Angel Malik has a duty / on duty guarding the door to hell

Supplement based on the Koran angel:
– Angel zabaniyah / zabaniah: 19 angels torturer in hell
– Humalatur arsh: Four angels carrying the Throne of Allah






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