Privileges And the virtue of the Qur’an

Privileges And the virtue of the Qur’an

Qur’an is our holy Islam that is spoken by God to Prophet Muhammad as the Messenger has the privilege of sharing / priority compared with other scriptures as follows below:

1. Give guidance and instructions along with complete life laws for the welfare and happiness of human whole nation everywhere and every age / period of time.

2. Have a wonderful verses so that listeners verses of the Qur’an can be influenced soul.

3. Taqlid break the chains that eliminates the freedom to think and weakens the ability of human effort and work.

4. Giving an overview of the natural sciences to stimulate the development of various sciences.

5. Have verses that respect the mind as the primary basis for understanding the laws of the human world.

6. Equate humans without division strata, classes, class, and so forth. That determine differences in human eyes is taqwa of Allah SWT.

7. Removing the debasement of the human soul to avoid the worship of the creature and instill unity in the soul.





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