Procedures wudlu / Ablution The Perfect Match With Doctrine Rosulallah SAW

Procedures wudlu / Ablution The Perfect Match With Doctrine Rosulallah SAW

Inside there is a requirement wudlu, harmonious, and circumcision:

A. requirement

Terms are things that must exist or be done before wudlu. between terms wudlu are:
1. Islam (unauthorized wudlunya non-Muslims)
2. Baligh (unauthorized wudlunya small children, because a child is always sacred)
3. Sensible (not valid wudlunya toidaok sensible person)

B. harmonious

Pillars is a that was done when doing the job. diantra wudlu six pillars, namely:
1. Intention “nawaitul wudlua li rof’il hadastil asghori fardla lillahi Exalted” {my intention to eliminate hadast wudlu small fard (obligatory) for Allah}
2. Flat wash my face. starting from the end of the hair to stubble.
3. Wash hands. start fingertips to elbows
4. Rubbing some hair
5. Washed the feet to the ankles
6. orderly

C. Sunna-sunna wudlu

Sunna is that if we do then we will be rewarded and Wherever we leave that’s okay. As for the Sunnah-Sunnah wudlu very much at all, including:
1. Reading bismilah before wudlu
2. washing hands
3. Rinse his mouth
4. Nasal wash with water
5. Wiping the ears after her hair brushed
6. Pray after wudlu “ya allah make us including orng who repent, those who are holy, and group us into people who are pious”





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