Scripture of Allah SWT

Scripture of Allah SWT

In the religion of Islam known as the four books that we must believe and we believe in it. Number of scripture is not really explained in the Qur’an and the Hadith. Apart from the book of God revealed through the Prophet through the angel Gabriel, we can also be guided by the hadith the Prophet SAW and sahifah Muhammah-sahifah / suhuf / sheets word of Allah revealed to the prophets Adam, Abraham and Moses.

Believe in the books of the law of Allah is obligatory ‘ayn, or obligatory for all citizens of Muslims around the world. Judging from the sense or meaning of the definition, the book of Allah is the holy book which is a revelation by God through his apostles to be used as guidelines for living human beings of all time. People who deny and do not believe in the Koran called the people who are apostate.

List the book of Allah and the Apostle receiving revelations:
1. The Torah was revealed to Prophet Musa Hebrew
2. The Book of Psalms revealed to the Prophet David spoke Qibti U.S.
3. Gospel revealed to the Prophet Isa AS Syriac-speaking
4. Book Al-Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad in Arabic

Sacred book of the gospel that is currently used as scripture by the Christian; / Catholic & Protestant Christians are very different from the gospel revealed to the Prophet Isa AS for his people during his lifetime. Therefore, the Qur’an came to be worshiped throughout scripture that ever existed.




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