The content of the Al-Qur’an

The content of the Qur’an

Al-Quran is the sacred book of Islam to all Muslims around the world from the beginning down to the final of the human species in the world both on earth and in space as a result of the apocalypse.

In the letters and verses of the Quran contained content that can be broadly be divided into several main points or something and its sense or meaning of the definition of each of the core content of the juice, which is as follows:

1. Aqidah / Aqeedah
Aqeedah is the science which teaches people about the beliefs that surely must be owned by everyone in the world. The Koran teaches us that the creed of monotheism to instill belief in Allah is the one that never sleeps and does not reproduce. Belief in Allah is one of the pillars of faith that the first item. People who do not believe in the pillars of faith called infidels.

2. Worship
Worship is obedient, submissive, or according to participate in terms of language. From the definition of “jurists” of worship are all forms of obedience run or dkerjakan to obtain the blessing from Allah SWT. Form the basis of worship in the religious teachings of Islam that is as listed in the five-point rukum Islam. Say the two sentences creed, praying five times, paying zakat, fasting in the holy month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage to worship that has been able to run it.

3. Akhlaq / Morals
Morals are owned by human behavior, either moral or commendable or reprehensible akhlakul Karimah or akhlakul madzmumah. Allah sent Prophet Mohammad SAW nothing else instead is to improve morality. Every man must follow what He commands and away from the ban.

4. Laws
Existing law in the Koran is giving orders to messengers or those who believe to give the sentencing judge and the law on a fellow human being who was found guilty. In Islamic law based on the Quran there are several types or kinds like jinayat, mu’amalat, munakahat, faraidh and jihad.

5. Warning / Tadzkir
Tadzkir or warning is something that gives a warning to mankind of the threat of hellfire Allah or waa’id. Tadzkir can also be good news for people who believe in Him in return for a favor or waa’ad jannah paradise. In addition there is also a pleasant picture in the Quran or collectively, and the opposite gambarang targhib daunting tarhib with other terms.

6. History-History or Stories
History or story is a story about people who either have previous glory due obedience to Allah and there is also an experienced destruction due to disobey or breach against Allah. In carrying out everyday life we ​​should take a good lesson from past history or with other terms ikibar.

7. Encouragement For Thinking
In the al-qur’an many verses to review a subject that requires thought to benefit the human family and also prove the truth, especially about the universe.





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