Tips and Ways to Overcome Hunger and Thirsty Fasting Ramadan

Tips and Ways to Overcome Hunger and Thirsty Fasting Ramadan

Fasting Ramadan is the fasting that must be done by any Muslims who still live in the entire universe. Spirits, or jinn, animals, aliens, plants are not required to fast at all because in the Koran only men or people of faith are required to fast.

Ramadan fasting is sometimes quite annoying because it should be done during one month of Ramadan is full can contain 29 to 30 days in a row depending on the government announcement. But behind the suffering of fasting there is a benefit or benefits that are very useful as to train themselves from Satan the accursed lust, hungry, thirsty, dirty mind, girl talk, orgasm sex, ghibah (people talking), lie, ngerjain people, and others so on. In addition to a full month of fasting Romadhon we can improve our piety towards Allah and be our opportunity to accumulate deeds of worship in the month since romadon reward is doubled.

Sometimes we can not avoid working all day and lost a lot of body fluids so that it feels very thirsty and lips began to crack. Mental began to falter in times of sport has felt dry endless. Here are some tips to stay strong until the drum maghrib arrived fasting to break the fast:

1. Being in a cool, cool
AC is the best friend in times of the month Ramadan. Being in good ac room in the home, office or mall can reduce dryness in the whole body. Fortunately for our brothers who are in geographic areas with cold temperatures or snow. Low temperatures can reduce out or evaporation of body fluids.

2. Think positive, or positive thinking
Believe that you’re running badah who will give something very precious more precious than your life. Examples such as with fasting Romadhon we will get a huge reward, by fasting we shall be loved of God Almighty, by fasting we are going to be thin, with our fast we will be able to control the passions udel bulging as good as we, and others. The important thing is to make mental menghadai stronger in all forms of hunger, thirst, kagatelan, and others.

3. Forgetting time with hobbies
Have you ever thought or said that an activity can make you lose track of time? Try to remember and find out if it? If it’s lawful activities or activities performed in the month of fasting then laksanakanlah. Examples such as playing video games, ps2, xbox, nintendo, dingdong, Ludo, monopoly, congklak, rummy, gaple, did not seek, do not squat, playing music, band, create songs, blogging, maen internet, watching tv, talking, speech, debate, nelpon girlfriend and various other activities that please Allah swt. Do not forget to remember the time of prayer and fasting time drum arrived. Sometimes running a hobby can lose track of time and eventually koleps and wake-up already in the grave.



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