Understanding Prayer Friday, Legal, Terms, Conditions, Wisdom And Sunna Solat Friday

Understanding Prayer Friday, Legal, Terms, Conditions, Wisdom And Sunna Solat Friday

A. Meaning Definition / Pergertian Friday Prayers

Friday prayer is a prayer of worship is done on Friday and two cycles are performed in congregation after the sermon.

B. Friday Prayer Law

Friday Salah has a mandatory law ‘ain for boys / men of religion of Islam, freedom and settled in the country or particular place. So for the ladies / women, children, sick people and slaves, Friday prayer is not obligatory.

Dalil Al-Qur’an Surah Al-Gomaa verse 9:

“O ye who believe, when called upon to pray on Friday, then made haste ye in the remembrance of Allah and leave your trading. That is better for you if ye but knew.”

C. Implementing Legal Terms Solat Friday

1. Friday prayers are held in a place that is reserved for Friday prayers. No need to hold the implementation of the Friday prayer in places such as vacant land, fields, gardens, etc..
2. Minimum number of Friday prayers worshipers of participants is 40 people.
3. Friday prayers held at prayer times dhuhur / noon and after two sermons of the preacher.

D. Terms of Friday Prayers

Friday prayers have the contents of the following activities:
1. Saying hamdalah.
2. Pronounce blessings on the Prophet Muhammad.
3. Utter two sentences creed.
4. Giving advice to pilgrims.
5. Reading the verses of the holy Koran.
6. Read prayers.

E. Wisdom Friday Solat

1. Symbol of unity with fellow Muslims gather together, worship together with the dense rows and rows of neat.
2. To show that there were no differences among humans. All the same among the poor, rich, old, young, smart, stupid, and so forth.
3. According to tradition, the prayer we pray to Allah SWT will be granted.
4. As symbols of Islam.

F. Circumcision Circumcision-Friday Prayers

1. Bath before coming to the place of prayer Friday at.
2. Wearing good clothes (preferably white) and decorated with neat like a comb, shave and cut the nails.
3. Wearing pengaharum / deodorant (non alcoholic).
4. Urge to come to Friday prayers.
5. Reproduce prayer and salawat prophet.
6. Read the Qur’an and remembrance before the sermon begins Friday.

Sources: Textbook of Islamic Religious Schools (sorry if there is no argument, if you can help equip / repair).




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