Life in World is damned!

That damned world!

The world basically is not something that should be shunned. But the world can be a barrier to get to God. Property is basically not something in hate. However, the treasure is disgraceful if he neglect the remembrance of Allah. How many Muslims are fooled by the glitzy world so forget the purpose of its creation. Ironically they were not aware of it and when he asked, “What do you want, the world or the hereafter?” Simultaneously he replied, “I want the Hereafter!” Though the situation himself a witness of his words are lies.

Fun World, Blasphemy For the People of This

Love of beauty and enjoyment of the world is something that characterizes God’s creatures called humans. Allah says:

زين للناس حب الشهوات من النساء والبنين والقناطير المقنطرة من الذهب والفضة والخيل المسومة والأنعام والحرث ذلك متاع الحياة الدنيا والله عنده حسن المآب

“Cite this as the beautiful (the view) the human love of what is desirable, namely: women, children, a treasure that many of these types of gold, silver, horse selection, cattle and rice fields. That’s the pleasure of living in the world, and Allah is the place where a good return (Paradise). “(Surah Ali Imran: 14)

Thus the true nature of humans, so no doubt it’s a lot of people that plunged the world associated with his heart when the heart association no longer deny the world is slander as well as the calamities that befall these people. Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam once said:

{إن لكل أمة فتنة وفتنة أمتي المال}

“Surely every people has a slander, and defamation of my people is a treasure.” (Narrated by Tirmidhi in Lineage Ash Shohihah, Sheikh Al Albani said this hadeeth saheeh)

So it is surprising when someone who should do good to achieve the breadth of heaven is like heaven and earth, it sank in a slander of the world and treasure. It is therefore not surprising that the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam was very worried when the doors of worldly pleasures is opened to the people because that’s what caused them to turn away from religion. Musta’an Allaah.

That damned world!

The Muslims, let us consider the following hadith together, the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said:

{إن الدنيا ملعونة ملعون ما فيها إلا ذكر الله وما والاه وعالم أو متعلم}

“The world is cursed and all that it contains anything accursed, but the dhikr of Allah, who make obedience to him, an ‘alim or prosecution syar’i science.” (Narrated by Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah. In Shohihul Jami’ , Shaykh Al-Albani said that this hadith hasan)

It is important we reflect on this hadith closely, in the group where we are located, whether we are one of those who received grace and farthest from the curse or otherwise ourselves instead of those who got cursed, into slaves of the world because most of our activities or even all only aim to achieve enjoyment this mortal world. Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam strongly denounce those who are subject to the world and its purpose is solely to find the world in his words:

تعس عبد الدينار تعس عبد الدرهم تعس عبد الخميصة تعس عبد الخميلة

“Woe to slave dinars (gold coins), woe to the slave dirhams (silver coins), woe to the slave khamishah (clothes are gorgeous) and woe slave khamilah (soft bed).” (Narrated by Bukhari)

This reproach he sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam to those who daily became slave property and the various pleasures of the world. Meditate with honesty and answer in class where we are located? Do we include people who are slaves to the world or the goal in life is to worship God? Think about this once again!

Bounce Your Heart With The Hereafter

Brother, do not make your heart related to the world, lest the world into your heart and entrenched in it, these people teladanilah best generation, they hold the world, but leave it at that and do not penetrate into the heart. They then become the generation who devote all my soul his body to the afterlife, a world limited in their grip so easily removed, easy to diinfakkan in the way of Allah. As for us, O Muslims, Aina nahnu min haaulaai (where is the position we compared them)? Where?! Certainly very far from them!

It is therefore mandatory for you to reflect on myself and once again even contemplate whether our goal is always created in this world. Very surprising if a Muslim has to know the purpose of its creation and then neglect it, is not this is the peak of stupidity! Again, let us always associate our deeds in the Hereafter, if you are a science that studies the world, then intence for the afterlife, intence yourself with knowledge that will help the revival of the Muslims. If you are a teacher, lecturer or example, then intence your teaching activities for the afterlife and the resurrection of the Muslims, so does the entire profession, then intence for the hereafter.

However, if your intention is the opposite, you learn, teach the science world, business world and perform other activities just to get the world, then you have lost because it has missed profit very much and do not criticize unless you are yourself.

اللهم لا تجعل مصيبتنا في ديننا ولا تجعل الدنيا أكبر همنا ولا مبلغ علمنا

“O God, thou shalt not make a tragedy in our religious affairs, and do not stay make this world is the biggest goal and summit of our science.”

Amin Ya Sami’ad Da’awat. Alhamdulillahilladzi bi ni’matihi tatimmush sholihat, Allahumma sholli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa’ ala alihi shohbihi wa wa sallam.



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