Poor But Rich

Poor But Rich
Imam As-Syafii rahimahullah said:

إذا ما كنت ذا قلب قنوع … .. فأنت ومالك الدنيا سواء

If you have a heart that always qona’ah …

then surely you as king of the world

About seven years ago I visited the room of a friend of mine at the University of Medina from the Libyan state, and the room was occupied by three students who each other is limited by the sitar (cloth) that divides the room into three small rooms plots measuring about two by three meters. It turns out … he was rooming with a student who comes from China named Ahmad. Several times I found Ahmad was frequently visited his friends the other students who also came from China. Apparently they often eat together in the room Ahmad, Ahmad remained faithful while cooking food for them. I will be interested to see the full attitude of inferiority Ahmad serving his friends with a smiling face fragrant. Ahmad is a student who has a family and has been awarded a child. However, away from his wife and children he does not make it … always full of sadness, it is different from the situation some students who always grieve at the thought of his wife and children far away he left behind.

One time I will stay in my room, then I found turned out to Ahmad wake up before morning prayers and to pray witr, who knows how many cycles he was praying. When he was about to go to the mosque so I will to him and asked him, “O Ahmad akhi, I see you are always cheerful and smiling, there is hell”, then Ahmadpun to necessarily say innocently, “O true akhi … Imam As-Syafi ‘ i once said that if your heart is full of flavor and qonaa’h verily thou a king in this world just the same. ”

I was stunned … really beautiful words of Imam As-Syafii … apparently this is the secret of why Ahmad is always smiling.

Dear readers Qona’ah in our language is “nerimo” with what is there. That is the nature of God receives all the decisions. If we always feel accepted by what God has set for us, even we always had enough, then surely what our difference with the king of the world. Obtained the king’s satisfaction with the abundance of things we also get the treasures that few will, but with a heart qona’ah.

Even bagitu many wealthy king who did not find satisfaction with treasures abound … therefore we actually say “If you have a heart that always qona’ah then surely you are better off than a king in the world”.

Qona’ah sentence is a mild word in verbal but the meaning is so deep. Imam As-Shafi’i really say when the temple of the above really sya’ir built on solid science and deep.

Someone who qona’ah and always received with all God’s decision shows that he truly believe in God taqdir which is one of the six pillars of Iman.

Ibn Batthool said

وغنى النفس هو باب الرضا بقضاء الله تعالى والتسليم لأمره, علم أن ما عند الله خير للأبرار, وفى قضائه لأوليائه الأخيار

“And the rich people (qona’ah) is keridhoan door on the decision of God and receive the (surrender) of the statutes, he knows that what is with Allah is better for people who are good, and the ordinance of God is better for the saints God is good “(Sharh Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

Qona’ah people who really have put together many deeds-deeds liver very high value. He always berhusnudzon to God, that what God has set for him that’s best for him. He is sole trust in God to cast all his affairs to God, at least make it a treasure in the hands remain sole trust in God, he is more confident with the promise of God than the loveliness of the world are lit in front of his eyes.

Al-Hasan Al-Basri used to say;

إن من ضعف يقينك أن تكون بما في يدك أوثق منك بما في يد الله

“One of the basic weakness of your faith you more confidence to treasure in your hands than what’s on the side of God” (Jami’ul ‘wal Uluum hikam 2 / 147)

People who qona’ah not be deceived by assets mengkilau world, and he did not envy the people who have been given God’s abundant treasures. He qona’ah … he accepted all the decisions and decrees of God. How do people that are like this will not be happy ..???!!!

Allah says,

من عمل صالحا من ذكر أو أنثى وهو مؤمن فلنحيينه حياة طيبة ولنجزينهم أجرهم بأحسن ما كانوا يعملون

Whoever works righteousness, whether male or female in a state of faith, verily to him will We give a good life and Verily We shall give the Reply to them with a better reward than what they have done. (An-Nahl: 97)

Ali ibn Abi Tholib radhiallahu ‘anhu and Al-Hasan Al-Basri rahimahullah said: الحياة الطيبة القناعة A good life is qona’ah (Narrated by Ibn Jarir At-Thobari in his commentary 17/290)

Think about how the lives of the happiest people of our Prophet sallallaahu ‘alahi wa sallam … as narrated by Aisha radhiallahu’ anhaa,

عن عائشة رضي الله عنها أنها قالت لعروة ابن أختي إن كنا لننظر إلى الهلال ثم الهلال ثلاثة أهلة في شهرين وما أوقدت ​​في أبيات رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم نار فقلت يا خالة ما كان يعيشكم قالت الأسودان التمر والماء إلا أنه قد كان لرسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم جيران من الأنصار كانت لهم منائح وكانوا يمنحون رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من ألبانهم فيسقينا

Aisha said to ‘Urwah, “O son of my sister, we really see the moon first and then we saw the new moon (the next) up to three-moon for two months, but did not lit a fire in the houses of the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam ‘. So I (Urwah) said, “O my aunt, if your food?”, Aisha says, “Dates and water”, it’s just that the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam has a neighbor of the Anshoor, they have a camel-camel (or goats ) females who they lend to the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam to be milked, then Rasulullahpun give milk to us from the camel-camel “(Reported by al-Bukhari no 2567 and by Muslim, 2972)

Two months passed in the Prophet’s house but no one can be cooked entirely in the home he sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. His food was dates and water.

His home is very narrow about 3.5 by 5 meters and is very simple. ‘Athoo’ Al-Khurosaani rahimahullah said: “I saw the houses of the Prophet’s wives made of palm midrib, and the doors are black woven fibers. I attended a writing (the decision) Waliid bin Abd al-Malik (caliph when it) read that ordered the house wives of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam entered the mosque area sallallahu. So I never saw people crying as their cries when it (because the houses will be renovated and included in the area of ​​the mosque-pen). I heard Sa’iid bin Al-Musayyib said on that day,

والله لوددت أنهم تركوها على حالها ينشأ ناشيء من أهل المدينة ويقدم القادم من الأفق فيرى ما اكتفى به رسول الله في حياته فيكون ذلك مما يزهد الناس في التكاثر والتفاخر

“It was God’s sake I really hope they let the houses of the Prophet as his condition, so if it appears a new generation of people of Medina and if people come from far away to the city of Medina they will see how the life of the Prophet. This will make people reduce mutual vying to collect treasure and mutual pride-pride “(At-Tobaqoot Kubroo li Ibn Al-Sa’ad 1 / 499)

People may mencibirkan mouth when looking at a man who looked poor qona’ah .., because he was a poor treasure. But the real joy has filled her heart.

Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said,

ليس الغنى عن كثرة العرض ولكن الغنى غنى النفس

“It is not the amount of property wealth, but wealth is a rich haqiqi soul (heart)” (Reported by al-Bukhari no 6446 and by Muslim, 1050)

Ibn Battool rahimahullah said, “Because many people who dilapangkan wealth by God was the poor soul, he did not nerimo with what God gave him, so he always tried to look for additional property, it does not matter where these treasures, then as if he was a shortage of property because of his zeal and tamaknya to collect treasure collector. Indeed the essence of wealth is the wealth of the soul, the soul of someone who feels quite (nerimo) with little treasures and not eager to embellish his property, and desires in search of treasure, then as if he were a rich man and always get the treasure “(Sharh Ibn Batthool of Saheeh al-Bukhari)

Abu Dhar radhiallahu ‘anhu told that the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam once said to him,

يا أبا ذر, أترى كثرة المال هو الغنى? قلت: نعم يا رسول الله, قال: أفترى قلة المال هو الفقر? قلت: نعم يا رسول الله. قال: إنما الغنى غنى القلب والفقر فقر القلب

“O Abu Dhar, whether you look at the many treasures is the wealth?”. I (Abu Dhar) said: “Yes Rasulullah”. Prophet said: “Did you see that little treasure is poverty?”, I (Abu Dhar) said, “True Prophet”. Rasulullahpun said: “Verily, wealth (the intrinsic-pen) is a rich heart, and poverty (the intrinsic-pen) is a poor heart” (Reported by Ibn Hibbaan and classed as saheeh by Shaykh Albani in Sahih At-At-wa Targiib Tarhiib No. 827)

So people who qona’ah despite poor but in fact is essentially a rich man.



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