Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam after reading the letter from Al-Qur-an and then paused, hold up his hands as he read takbir like when takbiratul ihrom (setentang shoulders or earlobe) and then bow down (crouch forward broken at the waist, with back and head straight parallel to the floor). According to some hadith, one of which is:

From Abdullah ibn Umar, he said: “I saw the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam when standing in prayer setentang raised his hands to both shoulders, it is done when bertakbir about to bow down and when it lifted its head (rise) of bowing ….”
(Hadith issued by Al Imam Al-Bukhari, Muslim and Malik)

How to Ruku ‘

> When the Messenger of bowing so he put his hands on his knees, so he also ordered the companions.

“Behold, sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam (while bowing) laid his hands on his knees.”
(Hadith issued by Al Imam Al-Bukhari and Abu Dawud)

> Emphasizing his hands on his knees.

“If you’re bowing then put your hands on your knees and extend (straighten) your back and point out his hand for the bowing.”
(Hadith issued by Al-Imam Ahmad and Abu Dawood)

> Stretches the fingers (see picture).

“He stretches his fingers.”
(Hadith issued by Al Imam Al-Hakim, Adh-Dzahabi and At-Thayalisi agree)

> Stretches the elbows of the stomach.

“He is when bowing, straightening his back and stretched out so that when water is poured over his back, the water will not move.”
(Hadith issued by Al-Imam Thabrani, ‘Abdullah bin Ahmad and Ibn Majah)

> Between the head and back straight, head did not look up nor down but the middle between the two conditions (see picture).

“He does not rear its head and did not conquer.”
(This is narrated by Imam Abu Dawud and Al-Bukhari)

“Prayer before he committed the perfect person bowing and prostrating to straighten his back.”
(Hadith issued by Al-Imam Abu ‘Awwanah, Abu Dawood and classed as saheeh by Ad-Sahmi Daraquthni)

> Thuma-ninah/ Calm

He never saw people bowing and prostration with imperfect like birds pecking, then said: “If this person dies in such circumstances, he died outside the religion of Muhammad [the prayer as a crow pecking at food] as the bowing is not perfect and rapid prostration like hungry birds that eat one, two date stones are not filling. ”
(Hadith issued by Al-Imam Abu Ya’la, Al-Ajiri, Al-Bayhaqi, Adh-Dhiya ‘and Ibn Asakir with saheeh isnaad, classed as saheeh by Ibn Khuzaimah)

> Prolong Ruku ‘

“The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam made bowing, standing after bowing and prostration prostrations also sits between two nearly equal length.”
(Hadith issued by Al Imam Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

The Read When Ruku ‘

Prayer that is read by the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam there are several kinds, all of them had ever read by him so often read is sometimes the other.


SUBHAANA RABBIYAL ‘ADHZIMI WA BIHAMDIH 3 times (Based on the hadith issued by Al-Imam Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Ad-Daroquthni and Al-Bayhaqi).

Which means:
“Glory to my Lord, the Most Great, and all praise to Him.”





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