The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam always start the prayer (performed only once when they wanted to start a prayer) with the takbiratul ihram say Allahu Akbar (الله أكبر) at the beginning of the prayer and he has ever commanded such a prayer to the wrong person. He said to the man:

“Surely someone is not perfect prayer before he made ablution ‘and perform wudu’ according to its provisions, then he say Allahu Akbar.”
(Hadith narrated by Imam Al Thabrani with sanad saheeh).

Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said:

“If you want to do the prayer, then complete the wudhu’mu first and then face the Qibla direction, and then pronounce takbiratul ihrom.”
(Agreed upon).

Takbiratul ihram pronounced with oral

Takbiratul ihram shall be stated with oral (not pronounced in the liver).

Muhammad Ibn Rushd says, “As someone who read silently, without moving his tongue, then it is called reading. Because of the so-called reading is by melafadzkannya in the mouth.”

An Nawawi said, “… as for other than the priest, it is Sunnah for him not to turn up the volume when reading lafadz veil, whether he is a congregation, or when praying alone. It was his voice if he does not encounter obstacles, such as the sound is very noisy. Limits is minimal soft voice can be heard by himself if normal hearing. This is true in general better when reading the verses of the Qur’an, Takbir, read the prayer beads when bowing, tasyahud, greetings and prayers in the prayer either obligatory and the sunna … “he continued,” So nash expressed Shafi’i and agreed upon by his followers. ash-Shafi’i says in al-Umm, ‘Let yourself be heard and the people who were beside him. There he increased the volume worth more than that size.. ‘” (Al Majmuu ‘III/295).





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