Definition of Hajj, Hajj Legal Terms, Pillars of Hajj

A. Meaning Definition / Definition of Hajj
Hajj is a worship that must be performed by those Muslims who are able or authorized to implement both economic, physical, psychological, safety, licensing and so forth. Hajj is a worship that fall into the pillars of islam five pillars of Islam to that performed at least once in a lifetime.
B. Legal Terms Hajj
1. religion Islam
2. Adult / baligh (not mumayyis)
3. No crazy / sane
4. Not a slave (free)
C. Mandatory Requirements Muslim Hajj
1. Moslems (Not infidels / apostates)
2. Baligh / adult
3. Sane / rational
4. Free (not slaves)
5. Able to perform the Hajj
Terms “Capable” in the Hajj
1. Physically and mentally healthy are not in a state of elderly, sick, paralyzed, suffered severe contagious illness, insanity, severe stress, and so forth. Hajj should be performed when young young, healthy and agile, so easy in carrying hajj pilgrimage and became a Mabrur.
2. Having enough money for the fare pilgrimage (ONH) commute and have a stock during the pilgrimage. Do not let Ramanujan are displaced in Saudi Arabia because they do not have any more money. If you have dependents must still be living during the hajj.
3. Adequate security during the trip and make the pilgrimage as well as family and inheritance during the hajj. For women must be accompanied by a husband or mahram men who can be trusted.
D. pillars of Hajj
Pillars of Hajj are things that must be done in a pilgrimage that if things are not implemented, then the failed pilgrimage declared invalid alias, must be repeated at the next opportunity.
1. Ihram
2. wukuf
3. tawaf
4. sa’i
5. Tahallul



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