Tips on How to Eliminate Liver Disease – Jealousy, Envy, Slander, Hasut, Prejudice Bad, treason

Various types or kinds of liver diseases such as jealousy, envy, hasud, su udzon, treacherous, and so forth. These diseases, if not addressed properly handled and can be bad for us. As with pain in body organs / our physical, liver disease in the form of bad behavior properties can be treated / cured with medication liver.
Here are some cures for heart disease us:
1. Not Much Talk
Too much talk can make our hearts become hard. Talk is not important enough and avoid the people who talk big, omdo / doang way, braggart, liar, ghibah, girl talk, and so forth. Many spoke of the good one should not like to teach, care workers, regular chat with friends, neighbors, family, and so forth.
2. Keeping Emotions And Lust
Emotions can make life uneasy. Therefore we should always keep our emotions in order not to lead to liver disease. Some examples of lust that we have subjected such as lust for wealth, sexual appetite, appetite, lust of office, lust anger, lust realize the dream, and so forth. One way to train the emotions and passions is to do with fasting, both fasting Sunnah or obligatory Ramadan fasting.
3. Always Remembering Allah SWT
There are several ways to be able to always remember Allah is such a good diligent prayer obligatory prayers five times a day, praying tahajud, Duha prayer, evening prayer, and others. In addition remembrance, prayer and chanting or reading the Qur’an also can keep us from heart disease. Expected from the remembrance of Allah SWT, we become afraid of the threat of Allah if we sin caused by liver disease and immoral deeds.
4. Mingling With People Saleh / Salah
By making friends with people who are filled with heart disease will only infect us with diseases so that we will be more distant from God. One association may also increase as a result of sin is either immoral act consciously or not we have done. Another thing, if we associate with people who always keep the pious and self-limiting in the association so that they do not fall into evil.
May you always be protected from heart disease, as well as problems caused by it.


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