Virtue Zakat And Wisdom Zakat In The Life Muslims of the World

Virtue Zakat And Wisdom Zakat In The Life Muslims of the World

1. Zakat is the third pillar of Islam after prayers, located in the middle between the other five pillars of Islam, Shahadah and prayers are preceded by, followed by fasting and pilgrimage for those who menuaikan capable, as the last pillar.
2. When examined, we found that zakat is different from the pillars of Islam to another. All the pillars of Islam is ta’abudiyah deeds to God. However, we see, zakat is not only related to God (habluminallah), but also related to humans (habluminannaas) directly.
3. Zakat is a pillar special that God sent down and set as the pillars of Islam that touches directly on the economic livelihood or Muslims. This is the only practice of worship that God enjoined and set as the pillars of Islam.
4. Zakat has a large contribution and role in da’wah and jihad that requires absolute treasure. Urgency relationship between preaching and property, reflected implicitly in the Qur `an, when assigning a sacrifice of a Muslim to Islam, generally the word” amwal “(treasure) is always accompanied with the word” anfus “(soul). “Verily Allah has purchased of the believers, their lives and property by providing a haven for them ….” (Surah At-Tauba [9]: 111). From here, it seems no exaggeration to say that zakah is an obligation which has the effect of an integral role, including personal coaching, families, communities, countries and the establishment of the caliphate as the ultimate goal of Islam.
B. Wisdom Zakat
First, as a manifestation of faith in God Almighty, ingratitude towards Him, cultivate noble character with a high sense of humanity, eliminating stingy and greedy nature, nurture peace of life, as well as develop the property owned. Moreover, zakat may also serve as a balance, to weigh the strength of faith of a believer and a genuine level of love to Lord of izzati. In temperament, the human soul is always decorated by the love of wealth, as the word of God,
“Cite this as the beautiful (the view) the human love of what is desirable, namely women, children, a treasure that many of these types of gold, silver, horse selection, cattle and rice fields. That’s the pleasure of living in the world, and Allah is the place where a good return (Paradise). “(Surah Ali Imran [3]: 14)
Second, help, assist and foster the dhu’afa (people who are economically weak) as well as other mustahiq toward life better and more prosperous, so they can meet their needs with appropriate, to worship Allah, out of harm’s disbelief , as well as combating the nature of envy, jealousy and envy that might arise when they (poor people) to see rich people who do not care about their affluent lives.
Third, As a source of funds for construction of facilities and infrastructure needed by Muslims, such as the suggestion of worship, education, health, social and economic, as well as a means of developing quality human resources (HR) Muslims.
Fourth, to achieve a balance in ownership and wealth distribution, which is expected to be born and loved each other affluent societies (marhammah) on the principles of takaful and the Islamic ukhuwah ijtimai.
Fifth, disseminate and promote good business ethics and correct.
Sixth, eliminate hatred, envy, and envy from those around him to the affluent, less wealthy and live in luxury. Meanwhile, they do not have anything, there was no helping hand from the rich to him.
Seventh, to purify themselves from sin, to purify the soul (nafs tazkiyatun), grow a noble, generous, sensitive to the sense of humanity, and eroding properties stingy and miserly or greedy. That way, the atmosphere of inner peace because Allah is free from the demands and obligations of society, will always surround the heart.
Eighth, an important element in creating a balance in wealth distribution (social distribution), and the balance of individual responsibility in society.
Ninth, zakat is worship mâliyah having dimensions of economic and social function or distribution of the gifts of Allah and is a manifestation of social solidarity, a sense of humanity, proof of Islamic brotherhood, unity and nation binder, as the inner fastener between the rich with the poor and as a ravine hoarder the separation between the groups with the weak strong.
Tenth, to realize a prosperous society, where one’s relationship with the others into harmony, peace, and harmony which can ultimately make it safe, peaceful inner and outer. In such a society there will be no concerns about the dangers of atheism and the revival of the ideology or doctrine is misguided and misleading. Because, with the dimensions and the dual function of zakat, the problem facing capitalism and socialism by itself has been answered. Finally, according to the promise of Allah, will be created a society that baldatun thoyibatun wa rabbun Ghafur (an ideal society; blessing; forward, and blessed God)
Eleventh, support the establishment of the Islamic social system that stands on principles: umatan wahidah (a people unite), Musawah (people who have equality and liabilities), ukhuwah Islamiyah (Islamic brotherhood), and takaful ijtimai (equally responsible responsibility)


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