Allah’s Destiny Not Cruel

Dear readers, faith in destiny is one of the six pillars of faith. Whoever does not mengimaninya indeed he has been mired in disbelief while he believe in the pillars of the faith of others. Many thanks our Allah among Muslims who have known fate, but very unfortunate fact still there are various phenomena which was tarnished even contrary to the belief in destiny.

Perhaps still stored in our memory when an artist popularized the song “Fate is cruel ‘highly favored by most people of this country some time ago, which shows how easily our society to accept something they think is good but in fact precisely destroying their faith. That’s why every Muslim is obliged to equip himself with a true understanding of predestination as taught by Allah and His Prophet. In believe in destiny, there are four things that must be believed to be in the bosom of every Muslim, al ‘science, al kitabah, al masyi’ah and al kholq.

First, Al ‘Science (About the Science of God)

We believe that the science of Allaah encompasses all things global and detailed that occurred since the time azali (non berpermulaan) until the eternal (endless). Allah Ta’ala says, “Do you not know that Allah knows what is in the heavens and the earth?; That such was contained in a book (Lawh Mahfuz). Truly that is very easy for Allah. “(Al-Hajj: 70). God already knows who will inhabit Heaven and who will inhabit Hell. None of the creatures in heaven and on earth in the bowels of the earth even though the escape His knowledge.

Second, Al Kitabah (On Writing Science of God)

We believe that Almighty God has written His knowledge of everything that happens in Lawh Mahfuz since 50 thousand years before the creation of the heavens and the earth. Rosululloh shollAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, “God has destiny written all his creatures semejak fifty thousand years before the creation of the heavens and the earth.” (Narrated by Muslim). Fate is written in Lawh Mahfuz is never changed. Based on his knowledge, God has written anyone, including the host and who belongs to the Fire. But no single person who knows what is written in Lawh Mahfuz except after it happened.

Third, Al Masyi’ah (On the Will of God)

We believe that Almighty God has a will that includes everything. No single act of any creature that comes out of his will. Everything that happens, all under the will (masyi’ah) God, or whether it is liked or not liked by the shari’ah. This is called Irodah Kauniyah Qodariyah or Al Masyi’ah. As of obedience and disobedience is all happening under the will of God on this one. Although it is not desirable disobedience occurs by the rules of shari’ah.

On the other hand God has Irodah Syar’iyah Diniyah. In the type of the will / irodah the second contained the love of God. So people who do obey have kept these two kinds of God’s will. As for those who engage in immoral acts he has deviated from Irodah Syar’iyah but not independent of Irodah Kauniyah. Then if the person is commendable in immoral? The answer, no. Because he has done things which are not loved d even hated by God.

Fourth, Al Kholq (About Everything By God’s Creation)

We believe that everything that exists in the universe is God’s creation whether it be the Essence or nature, as well as all the movements that occur in it. Allah Ta’ala befirman, “God is the creator of all things.” (Az-Zumar: 62). The act also includes a servant of God’s creatures, because the act occurred with the will and ability servant; both of which have since been created by God. Allah Ta’ala says, “It is Allah who Created you and your deeds.” (Surah Ash Shoffaat: 96)

Understanding the source Fallacy In Providence

Indeed astray in understanding the destiny comes from misunderstanding to understanding the will / irodah God. Those who regard the disobedience occurred outside the will of God has taken away the arguments of the Book and Sunnah As a show of Irodah Kauniyah. Such people are finally falling into error types that resist Qodariyah destiny. While those who consider everything that is either obedience or disobedience occurs because the beloved of God has taken away the arguments of the Book and Sunnah that threatens As servant who deviate from Irodah Syar’iyah. Such people are finally falling into error types Jabriyah who considered slaves in the state was forced by God. Glorified, Most High God from what they say. So Ahlus Sunnah are in the midst, they believe Irodah Syar’iyah and Irodah Kauniyah, and it is this understanding of the Prophet and his companions.

Destiny is God’s Secrets

Ali ibn Abi Tholib rodhiyAllahu ‘anhu narrates that the Prophet shollAllahu’ alaihi wa sallam once said, “Each of you has written his seat in heaven or in hell.” Then someone from a people who said, “Then we rely only (no good deed -pent) O Rosululloh? “. So he replied, “Do so, beramallah you because everyone will be made easy”, then he read the word of God, “As for those who want charity and piety and justify Al Husna (heaven) then we have prepared for him an easy road.” (Surat al-Lail: 5-7). (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim). This is the advice of the Prophet told us not to chin and always so enthusiastic in charity and do not make destiny as a pretext to engage in immoral acts.

Choose Where: Road to Heaven or to Hell?

If before you there are 2 pieces of the road: one toward a region full of chaos and insecurity, while the other path towards a region full of peace and security. Will then where are you going to walk? Common sense would not choose the first path. Then so too should we behave in choosing a path of our life hereafter, should the road to heaven is what we choose not vice versa. It would be unfair to people who choose the earthly pleasures with the intellect, but precisely choose misery hereafter under the pretext of fate and throw common sense. One time there are thieves who want to hand cut by kholifah Umar, but the thief said, “O Commander of the Faithful! I steal only because of God’s destiny.” Umar replied, “We were hand cut with the destiny of God.” And who is cruel? Not the destiny of God’s cruel but they are persecuting themselves. And Allaah knows best showaab bish.


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