Beware False Hadith-Hadith!

The Qur’an and as-Sunnah are the two sources of Islamic law becomes a handle on life of Muslims. God Himself will guard the Quran from alteration, addition or subtraction, even if only one letter or a vowel alone. Similarly, As Sunnah (al-Hadith) as guardians of the meaning or explanation of the Qur’an will also be maintained. So no one at the end of the world who invents a lie unless hadith kepalsuannya will unfold.

How Can Hadith Awake?

Maintained in the presence sanad hadith hadith. With the chain of transmission that the hadith scholars could distinguish which hadeeth, hadith da’eef (weak) and hadith maudhu ‘(false). Sanad is the arrangement of those who narrated the hadith. The narrators are examined one by one strictly about the history of his life, whether he is a liar or an honest, strong or weak on occasion and more rigorous examination. If the narrator in the hadith sanad pass inspection then the status saheeh hadeeth that we must make a handle on life. And thus expose the hadiths homemade fake liars who purposely made to destroy Islam. Only ignorant people who can be fooled by them.

How We’re Responding Hadith?

As we be scientific in matters of the world then we must also be ilmiahlah in religious matters. Do not take a law or sharia is derived from the hadith is weak especially false hadith. Or chimed in spreading the hadiths are weak and false, without explaining the status of hadith. In fact there are simply saying: “Hadith saheeh!” When the false hadith. Subhan Allah! Actions like this have been threatened in a noble hadith, “Whoever intentionally lied in my name let him take his residence in hell.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim juz juz 1 1). This hadeeth is saheeh and its status mutawatir (narrated from many paths). How many false hadith is weak and circulating among the Muslims because they are not selective in their hearing and take the hadith, the result is the emergence of problems and deviations in social life, worship, a certain character and berakidah.

The rise of Hadith Dhoif and maudhu ‘

In our country a lot of hadiths are weak and false demand in the ears of the community. In addition to ignorance about the science of hadith, many preachers who menggembor-heralded hadiths are contributed in menyemarakkannya. One example is the hadith: “Seek knowledge even to the Chinese nation.” This hadith is a hadith unjust and vanity, there is no origin and no way to strengthen it. Thus the priests experts have commented on this hadith hadith such as Bukhari, Al Uqaili, Abu Hatim, Yahya bin Ma’in, Ibn Hibban and Ibn Jawzi. Apart from the side chain of transmission is weak, then even this hadith is also thinking about a flaw in its meaning. For an advanced country when it is roman and dispersion, how would the Prophet ordered his companions to learn to China are not among the country’s superpower? And how the Prophet ordered his companions to learn to go into the land of infidels who clearly would jeopardize akidahnya? Musta’an Allaah!

Another Hadith is selling well is the hadeeth, “The dispute is the grace of my people.” Hadith is a Hadith which no origin and no known hadith experts, meaning they have never found either in the status of this hadith saheeh, da’eef or maudhu ‘. Even Imam Ibn Hazm said, “Here was the most damaged. For if the dispute is grace, then the consequences of unity is doom. This can not be said to be a Muslim. Because it will not gather between unity and discord as well as between mercy and punishment. ”

Example of a fake hadith is the famous hadith, “Whoever prayed at night nishfu hundred cycles of the month Ramadhan Ramadhan, he read in every rak after Al-Fatihah: Qulhu 10X, then no one who prays like that but God grant me all the intent that he asked that night …. “. This hadeeth is false (See Al-Imam Ibn al-Jawzi Maudhu’at works) and a source of innovation in the memorial night nishfu Ramadhan, damning the people with something that was never taught the Prophet. And he himself never uttered these words!



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