Apparel Women In Islam

Allah Ta’ala says:
وقل للمؤمنات يغضضن من أبصارهن ويحفظن فروجهن ولا يبدين زينتهن إلا ما ظهر منها وليضربن بخمرهن على جيوبهن
“Say to the believing women,” Let them hold their views and their genitals. Let them show off their adornment except that (forced) appear thereof. And let them put her to breast-chest khimar them. “(Surat an-Nur: 31)
Jewelry is jewelry that is used by women to ornate, apart from the origin of its creation (the body).
Khimar is something that is used by women to cover her head, face, neck, and chest.
From Ibn Umar radhiallahu anhuma he said: The Messenger sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said:
من جر ثوبه من الخيلاء لم ينظر الله إليه قالت أم سلمة يا رسول الله فكيف تصنع النساء بذيولهن قال ترخينه شبرا قالت إذا تنكشف أقدامهن قال ترخينه ذراعا لا تزدن عليه
“Whoever that lengthen the fabric for pride, God will not see it.” Umm Salamah said, “O Messenger of Allah, what should be done by the women to end their outfits?” He replied, “You should grow it out an inch.” Umm Salamah asked again, “If so, then their feet will open!” He replied, “You can add one cubit and do more.” (Narrated by At-Tirmidhi no. 1731 and An-Nasai no. 5241)
A cubit is from the tip of middle finger to the elbow.
From Abu Hurayrah radhiallahu anhu he said: The Messenger sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said:
صنفان من أهل النار لم أرهما قوم معهم سياط كأذناب البقر يضربون بها الناس ونساء كاسيات عاريات مميلات مائلات رءوسهن كأسنمة البخت المائلة لا يدخلن الجنة ولا يجدن ريحها وإن ريحها ليوجد من مسيرة كذا وكذا
“There are two classes of inhabitants of hell are the two I’d never seen: (1) People who have whips like the tails of cattle, with which to hit people. (2) The women are dressed but naked, walking with berlenggok-swing, easily seduced or philander, their hair (bouffant) like a camel’s hump. Women can not go to heaven, can not even smell heaven. And the smell of paradise that can be smelled from such and such. “(Narrated by Muslim, no. 2128)
Meaning of ‘dressing remains bare’ is: He’s partially covered his private parts but show others. And there are stating their meaning is: He covered the nakedness but the clothes are so thin that appear inside the body. See Sharh Muslim: 14/356

Brief description:
The third proposition above shows the hijab is obligatory for a Muslim woman.
Hijab is syar’i is a woman covering her entire body and jewelry, which with this hijab she deter foreigners (non-mahram) to look at all of its parts or jewelry that she wears. And this could be a hijab and clothes can also be indoors.

As for covering the entire body, it covers the face and palms. This is shown in surah An-Nur above from several sides:
1. Allah ordered the believers to submit their views from those who are not mahram. And his gaze would not be complete unless the woman is the perfect hijab to hijab covering her entire body. While there is no doubt that reveals the face is the biggest reason for looking at him.
2. Allah Ta’ala forbid to show a bit of jewelry outside the non-mahram, except those in urgent situations, because it can not be hidden, such as outer garments. If Allaah prohibits jewelry to show the outside (except body), then surely the face and palms are jewelry attached to a woman more obliged again to hide.
3. Allah Ta’ala ordered to extend their khimar-chest down to his chest, while khimar is something women use to cover his head. If khimar ordered to extended down to his chest, then of course automatically covered by the khimar the face.
Aisha radhiallahu anha said, “May God have mercy on the women’s first Emigrants. When Allah revealed, “And let them put her to breast-chest khimar them,” they tore their cloths and make it as a khimar. ”
Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar said, ‘Greetings’ and then they make it as khimar’, ie: They use it to cover their faces. “(See Fath al-Bari: 8 / 489)

As for the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Umar on top, then he explained about some things:
1. Foot female genitalia is a mandatory closed.
2. Isbal ban only applies to men and does not apply to women.
3. The maximum length of women’s clothing is a cubit of the ankles, not more than that.

While the hadith of Abu Huraira describes the terms of the hijab and the veil in general, namely:
1. Hijab should not be so thin that show what’s behind it.
2. Hijab should not be tight so as to form the curve of her body.
3. Woman walking with berlenggok illegitimate, because it is a form of showing her jewelry.
4. Obligatory to keep the woman of honor and shame them.
5. Cover part of the body and reveal some of the other body is tantamount to bare.

[Reference: al-Overdust Hirasah work of Ash-Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd]


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