Allah looks at your heart & Deeds (not your Wealth & Faces)

A superior man is totally based on his exploits. While distinguishing / ranking a person, you will not see Allah Almighty to his face and wealth. He always look at his actions. As the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said in the Hadith quoted in (Sahih Muslim: Book 32, Number 6219)

“Abu Huraira (Radi Allah anhu) reported Allah’s Messenger (sal-Allahu-alleihi-wa sallam) said:” I do not grudge nurse and not an offer for the price increase and not nurse aversion or enmity and Don ‘t enter into a transaction when others have concluded that the transaction and be brothers and fellow servants of Allah. A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He oppresses him nor humiliates him nor looks down on him either. Piety is here (and while saying so) he pointed towards his chest thrice. This is a serious evil for a Muslim you should look to his Muslim brother. All things of a Muslim is inviolable for his brother in faith: his blood, his wealth and his honor. ”

In a simple Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that are not nothing wrong with your brothers. This is not only your brothers by blood-related, this is also of all Muslims, like every Muslim is a brother of the other. Then the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) looked towards his chest three times and said devotion does not belong to your heart your work apparent.

And in the very near from the Hadith (Sahih Muslim: Book 32, Number 6220), He (the Prophet) said:
“Allah does not look at your bodies nor your faces but He looks at your heart.”

In just the next hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said almost the same thing as above (Sahih Muslim: Book 32, Number 6221)
“Abu Huraira reported the Messenger of Allah (sal-Allahu-alleihi-wasallam) said:” Allah does not look at your faces and your wealth but He looks on the heart and their works. ”



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