How to give Zakat

Zakat can be evaluated and returned in two ways:

a) Make a record of all money earned, either daily or monthly, which reached nisaab and remains in the treasury. The Zakat of that money would be due a year later the same day the money was earned and reached nisaab. This means income each month must be set aside and assessed for Zakat, and so will be the case for the rest of the month. For example, income in January 1991, will be assessed for Zakat in January 1992, February 1991 and the income will be assessed for Zakat in February 1992, zakat, etc. This method of evaluation is very difficult because it involves complete accounting of the gains daily or monthly.

b) The best way is to set a day or a month, preferably Ramadan, Zakat return for the calendar year, says Ramadan 1, 1412. A year after the day of Ramadan, 1413, your Zakat is due and payable. All that is in savings is due for Zakat, regardless of the fact that all the amount of savings reaches a year or less. For example, if you have $ 20,000.00 in the savings account on 1 Ramadan, 1412 and a year later by 1 Ramadan, 1413 there is $ 50, 000.00, your Zakat will be assessed at $ 50,000, 00, that is: $ 50.000.00 x .025 = $ 1,250.00. If, however, the first of Ramadan, 1413 the amount of savings is $ 15,000.00, your Zakat will be for the amount of savings, which is € 15000.00 x 0.025 = $ 375.00. This method is preferred because it is easy to assess, meets its obligation and relieve one’s conscience.


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