Zakat Types and Computation


For property that propped zakat on gold, zakat must be spent as much as 2.5% of the property shall dizakati (excluding charity cattle and grains that have a value of zakat individually)


Many business that uses the currency as a means of exchange, each state has its own currency values ​​are leaning to the exchange value of gold.
MANDATORY DEPOSIT MONEY ZAKAT proposition “Saiidina Ali has narrated that the Prophet said: When you have (savings) 200 dirhams and was quite haul (even-numbered year) zakat diwajbkan five dirhams, and are not required to spend zakat (gold) unless you have 20 dinars and has quite haulnya required zakat half a dinar. Likewise, if the value is increased and the levels are not required zakat in anything except the first anniversary treasure “. (Abu Daud)

1. Islam
2. Independent
3. Own
4. Simply haul
5. Simply nisab


Fixed deposits / deposits
If the deposits had been even a year and the amount exceeds the limit nisab (value of 85 grams of gold), the obligatory zakat issued as much as 2.5% of the amount of such deposits. Example: Savings / deposit as much as Rp 4,000,000 has been stored for a year without issued. (Such as nisabnya Rp. 3.57 million; or equal to the value multiplied by 85 grams of gold per gram gold price of Rp. 42,000, -). Zakat is obligatory issued as much as Rp. 4.000.000, – X 2.5% = Rp. 100.000, –

Regular Savings / Tabanas / Stages
How to calculate it by looking at the lowest balance of deposits within a year .. Should be calculated also forecast to fall haulnya when to begin and end haul these deposits. Must be ensured also that in the savings bank interest is not there (a practice the system of usury ‘), if there is interest the bank, the bank’s interest should be excluded first from the amount of deposits held.


1. Specify the start date to start putting money savings that are sufficient nisabnya value.
2. Make sure the amount of deposits of not less than nisab, as long as the money is in savings throughout the year (haul).
3. If the money is stored in a regular savings / Tabanas, calculate the amount of the lowest balance in the storage period for a year (haul).
4. Remove the existing interest in the savings bank.
5. Compare the amount of deposits with nisab at the end of the haul. If the amount of deposits equal or exceed nisab, it issued compulsory zakat at 2.5% of the amount which has the lowest balance until nisabnya.


History has proven that gold and silver are precious metals. Very large utility that has been used as money and value / medium of exchange for all things from the periods of time ago.
From this side, looking Shari’ah gold and silver with their own views, and mengibaratkannya as a living natural resources. Shari’ah requires that zakat money or both if the form of molten metal, and also benbentuk vessel, souvenirs, carvings or jewelry for men. Word of Allah SWT:
“And the JV who store gold and silver and not in the way of Allah menafkahkannya, then Tell them, (that they shall have) a painful punishment. On the day of heated gold-silver in the hell Jahannam, then burned them to her forehead, stomach and their back (and say) to them: “This is that you store your things for yourselves, so taste now (due from) what you save it “.
Word of the Prophet are meant as follows: Every owner of gold and silver who does not fulfill his rights, then on the Day of Judgement made pieces and burned in the fire of hell.

1. Islam
2. Independent
3. Own
4. Simply nisabnya
5. Simply haul (a year).
(Nisab misqal gold is 20 or 85 grams of gold while the silver is 200 dirhams nisab or 595 grams of silver)


Gold The Saved
Deposited gold is gold that is not used, so it really as simapan. If the amount of gold deposited was equal or exceed the levels nisab (85 grams), issued the obligatory zakat sebasar 2.5%. Value issued zakat is the value of gold, excluding stones or gems that adorn the gold if any. Example: The gold is stored for a year’s worth Rp. 4.2 million, – or as much as 100 grams, the price pergramnya Rp. 42,000, -. So gold is already mandatory for haul out their zakat and exceed nisabnya (more than 85 grams). Then Zakat must be paid is USD. 4.2 million, – X 2.5% = Rp. 105.000, –

The Gold Used As Jewelry
Gold is used as jewelry by women (only occasional or continuous use) are not subject to zakat, if not exceed URUF (the value of local consumption habits. Had URUF exceeded, then the gold shall be removed as much as 2.5% zakat on the excess of the value uruf.
Perhaps the most prominent form of income these days is what is obtained from the work and profession. Zakat income or profession has been implemented as the most important thing at the time of Muawiyah AND UMAR BIN ABDUL AZIZ. Zakat type is known by the name of Al-Ata ‘and modern dizaman is known as “Kasbul Amal”. However, due to unfavorable age perkemabangan Muslims, then this type of charity received less attention. Now it is proper if it began in earnest again, because of the potential is quite large.


Word of God: “O ye who believe, take out / spend in (the way of Allah) in part of the efforts of the good and some of what we remove from the earth for you” (Surat al-Baqara 2: 267).
In the verse, God explains that all the profits that a fine shall be issued zakat. Including the opinion of the worker’s salary or income from professions as doctors, consultants, artists, accounting, notary, and so on. Imam Ar-Razi argues that the concept of “net income” includes all property in the overall concept generated by the activity or human activity.
Word of the Prophet s.a.w. : “Being an obligation for every Muslim tithe (charity)”. They asked, “O Prophet of Allah, how that does not have the treasure?”. He replied. Work to get something for him, and give alms. “They asked,” If you do not have a job? “. The apostle said,” Help people to ask for help. “They asked again.” Powerless What if? “. He replied,” Kerjalah goodness and leave the crime, it is charity “.

1. Islam
2. Independent
3. Self-owned
4. Results of operations are good as a source of charity. The results of the business including revenue, which consists of a collection of Honor, Salary, Bonus, Commission, Grants, professional income, rents and so forth results. The Fuqoha explained that all these revenues as “Mal Mustafad” is a new acquisition that includes the source of property subject to zakat.
5. Nisab enough. Nisab for Zakat earnings / profession refers to the value of 85 grams of gold, with current prices. Usually the income / salary is always received in the form of currency, for it propped their zakat to the value of gold.
6. Simply Haul. Haul in the context of charity income is the distance a period of one year is the distance of the collection of the results obtained from various sources for one year. Very important because the spirit of charity is seen revenue from income and property acquisition or property issues instead of saving money. So here is the meaning of haul distance revenue collection for one year and not ever store a year diving as zakat treasure stash.

A. Using How to Calculate Gross Income. Zakat issued by counting all the amount of gross income received from all sources in a year. Levels of zakat is 2.5% of total gross revenues. Example: The amount of gross income from all sources of revenue a year as much as Rp. 6.000.000, – (equal to Rp. 500.000, – per month). Then zakat is Rp. 6.000.000, – X 2.5% = Rp. 150.000, -. (Record is 85 grams of gold nisabnya X Rp. 42,000, – = Rp. 3.57 million, -)
B. Using How to Calculate Net Income.
C. Shares are given ownership rights over the wealth of a limited liability company (PT) or on the appointment of a particular stock. Each share represents an equal share of wealth.
D. Bonds is a valuable paper (sort of a check) which contains the recognition that banks, corporations, or governments owe it to the carrier a certain amount by a certain relationship is also
E. Stocks and Bonds is a valuable paper which apply to specific trade transactions called STOCK EXCHANGE.
F. How to calculate zakat Stocks and Bonds is 2.5% above the lowest number of all shares / bonds held for a year, after deducting or issued a loan to buy shares (if any).


1. Shares are given ownership rights over the wealth of a limited liability company (PT) or on the appointment of a particular stock. Each share represents an equal share of wealth.
2. Bonds is a valuable paper (sort of a check) which contains the recognition that banks, corporations, or governments owe it to the carrier a certain amount by a certain relationship is also
3. Stocks and Bonds is a valuable paper which apply to specific trade transactions called STOCK EXCHANGE.
4. How to calculate zakat Stocks and Bonds is 2.5% above the lowest number of all shares / bonds held for a year, after deducting or issued a loan to buy shares (if any).


Arguments and issued a mandatory requirement of zakat as stocks or bonds and the mandatory requirement of proof of zakat money deposits above.


Cattle that must dizakati include Camels, cows, buffaloes and goats. Mandatory requirement for the owner of the animal charity are:
a. Islam,
b. Merdeka
c. 100% self-owned, until the computation (the limit) and it has been owned for one year. Explained in the Hadith, “It is not compulsory zakat on one’s property before the one year he had.” (H. R. Daruquthni)
d. Dirumput grazed without buying.
Animals used plow fields or pull carts are not subject to zakat obligatory. affirmed by the Prophet Muhammad. “It is not no charity for the cow wear to work.” (Abu Daud and R. H. Daruquthni)
Reckoning the cattle are as follows:
– Camel
Nisab Zakat to be paid Age
5-9 1 goats 2 years. more
10-14 2 goats 2 years. more
15-19 3 goats, 2 yr. more
20-24 4 goats, 2 yr. more
25-35 1 tail child camel 1 yr. more
36-45 1 tail child camel 2 years. more
46-60 1 tail child camel 3 years. more
61-75 1 tail child camel 4 th. more
76-90 2 kittens camel 2 years. more
91-120 2 kittens camel 3 years. more
121 3 kittens camel 2 years. more
Starting from 121 the tail, every 40 camels tail zakat one child over 2 years old camel, and then counted every 50 camels camel zakat a 3 year old child. as stated in the hadith narrated by Bukhari.

– Cattle and Buffalo
Nisab Zakat to be paid Age
30-39 1 tail calf / bull 2 ​​years. more
40-59 1 tail calf / bull 2 ​​years. more
60-69 2 heads of calves / 2 bull 1 yr. more
70 2 tail of the calf / 2 buffalo 2 years. more
Furthermore, every 30 head of cattle / buffalo calf tail zakat 1 / buffalo. Then every 40 cows / buffaloes zakat a cow / buffalo.

– Goat
Nisab Zakat to be paid Age
40-120 goats, a female 2 years. more
121-200 2 female goats 2 years. more
201-399 3 goats, female 2 years. more
400 4 goats, a female 2 years. more
Furthermore, every 100 goats zakat to be paid an ordinary goats over 2 years. Thus the hadith narrated by Ahmad, Buhkari, and Nasai.


Every Eid Muslims are obliged to pay tithes as much as 3 liters of the type of food consumed daily. This is confirmed in the hadith of Ibn Umar, he said, “Messenger of Allah obliges fthri zakat, breaking the fast of Ramadan, as many as one sha ‘(3.1 liters) Tamar or wheat on every Muslim slave or free, male nor female.” (Bukhari) .
The terms of mandatory tithes, namely:
• Islam
• Having excess property to eat everyday. Mu’az when the Messenger of Allah sent to Yemen, he ordered, “Tell the people of Yemen, Allah has required them alms (zakat) are taken from the rich and given to people – poor people among them.” (H. R. Jamaat scholars of Hadith). He also said. “Anyone who asks – he was asked what he really sufficient to reproduce the fire of hell (punishment).” The friend when asked “What is it enough?” The Prophet replied, “That is sufficient for him is just enough for him to eat the middle of the day and night.” (H. R. Abu Daud and Ibn Majah). Excess property is certainly not the goods are used for one day – the day such as houses, furniture and others. So no need to sell something to pay tithes.
People who are entitled to receive tithes established by Allah in the Qur’an there are eight Group. Allah Almighty says:
“Indeed alms – alms (zakat) is only for people – people Fakir, Poor, Board of zakat (amyl), people – people who had persuaded him (reverts) to emancipate slaves – slaves who had been promised will be liberated, people who owe ( gharim) to the way of Allah (sabilillah) and for the travelers (who on the way). Such decree of Allah, and Allah is knowing, Wise “(Surah At-Tauba: 60)

Explanation of the verse according to Imam Shafi’i as follows:
a. Fakir, is a person who has no job and no possessions.
b. Poor, are people who have jobs but penghasilanya not sufficient.
c. Amil, is a committee to receive and distribute alms.
d. Muallaf, is
1.Orang are new to Islam because faith has not been determined.
2. The Muslim influence on his people with the hope that others of his kind to Islam.
3. Muslims are influential in the Gentiles so that we preserved from evil people – unbelievers under its influence.
4. People who are refusing the evil of the people – an anti-charity.
e. Riqab, is a slave who wanted to liberate themselves by paying a ransom.
f. Gharim, was a lot of debt, both to oneself and to reconcile the dispute and to guarantee the debts of others.
g. Sabilillah, is for religious purposes.
h. Ibn sabil, is a traveler who run out of stock.

Benefits of giving zakat, among others:
1. Strengthen the relationship the rich and the poor.
2. To avoid the evil of people – the poor and hard to damage the public order. Word of Allah SWT:
“And let not people – people who grabber with treasures that God has given them of His bounty think that it’s good for their stinginess. Actually it is bad for their stinginess.” (Q. S. Ali Imran: 180)
3. In order to clean themselves. Allah SWT says: “Take alms of some property meraka. With a charity that you cleanse and purify them and mendoakanlah to them. Behold your prayer into their peace and know Allah is heard again.” (S. Q. At-Tauba: 103).


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