Prophet Elijah As

Elijah was sent to residents of Baalbek, west of Damascus City (East Lebanon today). He invites his people to worship only Allah and abandon the worship of the statue that they called Ba `la. This has resulted in their molesting. Ibn Abbas said that Elias was the uncle of the Prophet Ilyasak.
but no matter how persistent Elijah preaching, his people would not listen. So God punished them with punishment in the world and the hereafter.
After the death of the Prophet Sulayman, the kingdom has undergone a split. The influence of Satan has freedom. Humans who are scorned-taunted. Somaria Act had killed most of the ones who know and follow the creed of the truth. Influence crime got worse and God brought Elijah USA to restore human beings during the reign of King Ahab of Israel. King tried earnestly trying to save people than believed in many gods and forbade them to worship the Tyrian Bal.

King also advises people to worship God and standoff rather than a crime. If his efforts were ignored and no result, the king suddenly appeared before king and handyman tiliknya told that flows swift and kebuluran will engulf the country. King also told the Tyrian Bal has no power to withstand the disaster. The residents do not mengendahkan amarannya and do not change their beliefs. Prophethood of Prophet Elias finally proved right and across the country hit by big floods and the people experiencing kebuluran. After two years, Elijah begged God’s mercy and forgiveness mengurniakan him to the people who kebuluran it. They have recognized the power of God and feel very sorry.

A moment after the rains stopped and the flow has attracted back sumpahannya God, God has told him to call al-Yas’a replace. Sire carry out the commandments of God with full devotion and lost in mystery. There is one passage in al-Quran verses that mean:

“And remember Ishmael, Elisha and Zulkifli. Everything, including the people the most good” (Sad, 28: 48).


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