Prophet Isaac (Ishaq) As

Isaac was the son of Prophet Abraham from his wife Sarah, was Prophet Ismail is the son of Hajr, ladies received as a gift from King Nimrod.
About Prophet Ishaq narrated Dalan is not the Quran except in a few verses of which is verse 69 so that 74 of surah Hud, as follows:
“And verily messengers Us} {angels came to Abraham to bring glad report they say” congratulations “. Ibrahim replied:” Safe “it was not long before Abraham serve a grilled veal. 70. Mak when he saw their hands do not grab him, Abraham looked strange to their deeds, and feel scared of them. the angel said “Fear ye Janagan we are indeed angels  which delegated to the Lot.” 71. and his wife stood beside him and the smile. So We tell him the good news will {birth} {Ishaq and after Ishaq was born too} Ya’qub. 72. His wife said “really amazed if I would give birth to a child when I was an old woman and my husband was in a state that is old as well? Surely, this is really something strange. 73. They said “Do you feel amazed about the ordinance of God? {It is} the grace of God and His blessings bestowed upon you, O ahlulbait! Praise Allah, Most Gracious. 74. Mak when the fear disappeared from Abraham and the glad tidings have been came to him he was cross swords with the angels {} We’re about the people of Luth. “{Hud: 69 ~ 74}

Apart from the verses above that bring the news to the birth of Prophet Ishaq DRP both parents who are elderly who according to history that while he was at that time had reached ninety years, there are several verses that establish his prophetic of which is Article 49 of surah “Mary” as follows:
“And when Abraham had distanced himself from them and from what they worship besides Allah We gave him Ishaq and Ya’qub. And each of them We made a prophet.”

And paragraph 112 and 113 surah “Ash-Shaffaat” as follows:
“112. And We’re delighted with him report} {birth of Isaac is a prophet who include people who are pious. 113. We blessed him and on Ishaq. And among the tribes there who do good and there is {also} who do wrong against himself with the real. ”
It is reported that Abraham died at the age of 175 years. Prophet Ismail at the age of 137 years and Prophet Ishaq at the age of 180 years.



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