Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) As

This is the most detailed and fascinating story in the Quran, involving both human weaknesses such as jealousy, hatred, pride, passion, deceit, intrigue, cruelty and terror and noble qualities such as patience, nobility, loyalty, courage, and compassion .
It is said that among the reasons for its revelation that the Jews asked the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to tell them of Joseph (peace be upon him) was one of their old prophets. His story had been distorted in parts and ruined others with interpolation and exclusions. Therefore it has been revealed in the Book of Allah (Quran), complete in its detail and careful.
Allah the Almighty said: We refer to you (Muhammad), the best of stories through Our signs to you of this Qur’an. And before this (ie before the coming of divine inspiration to you), you were among those who knew nothing about it (the Koran). (Ch 12:03 Quran)
Almighty Allah also decreed: thus We relate to you (O Muhammad) some information about what happened before, and we actually give us a reminder (the Qur’an). Who walks away from it (this Quran – ie does not believe, or act in orders), in truth they bear a heavy burden (of sins) on the Day of Resurrection. Will abide in that (state the fire of Hell), and the evil effects that will load them on the Day of Resurrection. (Ch 20:99-101)
The story of Joseph (peace be upon him) is moving in a stream from beginning to end, its substance and form are equally coherent. It is inspired with a feeling for the depth of Allah’s power and supremacy and enforcement of its decisions, despite the challenge of human intervention. And Allah has full power and control over its affairs, but most men do not know. (Ch 12:21)
This is what the story of Joseph (peace be upon him), confirms categorically, because it ends with comfort and marvels.
He lived his entire life confronting schemes made by the people closest to him. His brothers plotted to kill him, but amended it to exiling him. This has happened to him while he was a boy. It ‘was sold in the slave market in Egypt, where it was purchased for a nominal price. Then he fell victim of the attempted seduction by the wife of a great man who, when her wish was foiled, sent him to prison, where he remained for some time. Despite all this, has long tackled near the Egyptian throne and became prime minister of the king. He then began his call to Allah from the position of the government.
Allah’s plans were made, and the matter ended. This is the substance (theme) of the story. With regard to the form (style) in which it is presented, is a landmark of wonder.
The story is presented in a sequence of episodes. It gives you scene after scene, and the transition is challenging, informative, and stirring the imagination. There are also artistic loopholes, which we leave to the reader’s imagination to complete the sense, as well as the depth of the picture, the like of which no human artist can produce.
The story begins with a dream and ends with its interpretation. As the sun appeared above the horizon, bathing the earth in its morning glory, Joseph (peace be upon him), son of Jacob the Prophet (peace be upon him) woke from his sleep, delighted by a beautiful dream that had . Full of enthusiasm, ran to his father and Related.
“O my father! Verily, I saw (in a dream) eleven stars and the sun and the moon, I saw you fall down to me.” (Ch 12:4)
His father’s face lit up. He foresaw that Joseph would be the one through whom the prophecy of his grandfather, Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) would be satisfied, since his descendants have kept alive the light of the house of Abraham and spread the message of Allah ‘s humanity.
Therefore, it was narrated that the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (peace be upon him) was asked: “Who is the most noble among the people” He said: “The most God-fearing.” The people said: “We do not want to ask you this.” He said: “The most honorable person is Joseph Allah’s prophet, the son of the Prophet of Allah, the son of a faithful friend of Allah (Abraham).” (Sahih al-Bukhari)
However, the father was well aware of the jealousy of Joseph’s brothers, so he warned against telling his dream to his brothers. “O my son! Relate not your vision to your brothers, why not organize a plot against you. Truth! Satan is for man an open enemy! Thus will your Lord choose you and teach you the interpretation of dreams (another) and perfect His favor on you and the children of Jacob as He perfected it on your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and long ago! Verily your Lord is Knowing, Wise. “(Ch 12:5 -6)
Joseph heard his father’s warning. He did not tell his brothers what he had seen. And ‘know that I hate him so much that it was difficult for him to feel secure telling them what was in his heart and in his dreams.
Joseph was eighteen years old, very beautiful and sturdy, with a gentle temperament. He was respectful, friendly and accommodating. His brother Benjamin was equally pleasant. Both were a mother, Rachel. Because of their refined qualities, the father has loved more than her other two children, and not let them out of sight. To protect them, kept them busy with work in the garden.
The scene of Jacob and his son close. Another opens on Joseph’s brothers plotting against him. “Truly, Joseph and his brother (Benjamin) are loved by our father to us, but we Usbah (a strong group). Really our father is a plain error. Kill Joseph or cast him in some other land, so that the favor of your father can give to you alone, and after that you will be righteous folk (meaning repentance before committing the sin). ”
One of them said. “Kill not Joseph, but if you must do something, throw him down to the bottom of a well, will be picked up by some caravan of travelers”>> (Ch 12:8-10)
The pages of the Old Testament say that Joseph told them his dream, while the Quran does not say what happened. If it were so, the brothers would have said themselves. The Old Testament states that had lost their rights to him, and so they would kill him. Indeed Joseph kept the order of his father and brothers not to tell her of his vision.
Despite this, his brothers sat down to conspire against him. One of them said: “For the love of our father Joseph more than us?”
Another said: “Perhaps because of its beauty.”
A third said: “Joseph and his brother occupied our father’s heart.”
The first complained: “Our father has gone completely out of the road.”
One of them suggested a solution to the issue, killing Joseph.
“Where should we kill him?”
“We must banish him away from these reasons.”
“We will send him to a distant land.”
“Why should not we kill him and rest so that the favor of your father may give to you alone?”
However, Judah (Yahudh), the largest and most intelligent among them, he said. “There is no need to kill him, when all you want is to get rid of him Look at this, let’s throw in a pit and will be collected from a caravan passing through. T hey will bring with him to a distant land. He disappears from the sight of your father and our purpose will be served with his exile. Then, after we repent for our crime and become good people once again. ”
The discussion continued with the idea of ​​dropping Joseph into a pit, as has been seen as the safest solution. The plan to kill him was defeated; kidnapped in a distant land was approved. It ‘was the smartest of ideas.
Their next movement opened the scene between them and their father Jacob (peace be upon him): They said: “O our father Why do not you trust us with Joseph, when in fact there are his supporters and send us tomorrow and have fun? game, and indeed we will take care of him. ”
He (Jacob) said: “Verily, I am saddened because I fear that you’ll take away a wolf should devour him while you ignored him.”.
They said: “If a wolf devours him, while we Usbah (a strong group) (to guard him), then surely we are the losers.”>> (Ch 12:11-14)
Jacob suggested a point that was not the case in their discussion: he feared that desert wolves eat it! Ithe wolves within them, or wanted to say the wild wolves? No one knows except Allah. They coaxed their father to send Joseph with them, agreed under their pressure.
They were excited that they could now get rid of Joseph for this, after that it could be a better chance to receive his father’s affection. On leaving the house, went directly to the well, as they had expected, on the pretext of drinking water. One of them put his arms around Joseph and held him tight. Surprised by this unusual behavior, Joseph struggled to free himself. More brothers rushed to hold him. One of them took off his shirt. Some more united to raise Joseph and thrown into the deep well. Joseph’s piteous pleas made no difference to their cruel hearts.
Then Allah revealed to Joseph that it was safe and should not be afraid, because they meet again one day to remind them of what they had done.
There was no water in the well, which supported the body of Joseph, so was not injured. He sat alone in water, then clung to a rock ledge and climbed heard about it. his brothers left him in this desolate place.
Then they killed a sheep and a shirt soaked in his blood of Joseph. A brother said he would swear to keep their act a secret closely. All of them have the oath. And they came to their father in the first part of the night crying. (Ch 12:16)
The scene here is dark night, broken by the crying of ten men. The father is sitting in his house when the children come, the darkness of night covering the darkness of their hearts and the darkness of their lies struggling to come out. Jacob wondered aloud: “Why this weeping, something happened to our flock?” They answered crying: “O our father, we went racing with one another and left Joseph by our belongings and a wolf devoured him, but you’ll never believe us even when they tell the truth (Ch 12:17)!.
“We were surprised after returning from the race that Joseph was in the belly of the wolf.”
“I’ve seen!”
“We do not believe even if we are sincere! We tell you what happened!”
“The wolf has eaten Joseph!”
“This is Joseph’s shirt. We foiled it soiled with blood, and did not find Joseph!”
They brought his shirt stained with fake blood. (Ch 12:18)
At heart Jacob knew that his beloved son was still alive and that his other sons were lying. He has served in his bloodstained hands, spread it out and remarked: “What a merciful wolf has eaten my beloved son without tearing his shirt!” Their faces turned red when she asked for more information, but each swore by Allah that he was telling the truth. The brokenhearted father burst into tears: “No, but your ownselves have established an account for me So patience is most suitable and ‘Only God whose help can be sought against what you say !…” (Ch 12:18)
The father acted wisely by praying for mighty patience, which is free of doubt, and trusting in Allah for help against what they had plotted against him and his son. This scene is dark, and the scene opens in the well with which Joseph was thrown.
In the dark well Joseph managed to find a stone ledge to hold onto. Around him was total darkness and an eerie silence. Thoughts of fear came into her mind: what would happen to him? Where would find food? Because he had his own brothers turned against him? It would be the father knows of his condition? Smile flashed across his father before him recalling the love and affection he had always shown. Joseph began to pray intensely, asking Allah for salvation. Gradually his fear began to subside. Its creator was to test the young man with a great misfortune for instilling in him a spirit of patience and courage. Joseph, surrounded to the will of his Lord.
The next scene shows the wide desert. The horizon is a long line of camels, horses and men, a caravan route to Egypt. The caravan of merchants halted at this famous well for water. A man lowered his bucket. Joseph was surprised by the bucket hurtling down and grabbed before he could land in water. As the man began to carry the load felt unusually heavy, so peep into the well. What he saw shocked him, a man was clinging to the rope! He held the rope with force and shouts to his friends! “Better give me a hand fellow seems to have found treasure in the well”
His companions rushed to the well and helped him pull out the stranger holding onto the rope. Standing before them was a healthy, handsome youth, beaming with an angelic smile. They saw in him a handsome prize, for the money was all that mattered to them. Immediately, it struck the feet of iron chains and brought him along to Egypt, far from his beloved land of Canaan.
Throughout the Egyptian city the news spread that an unusually handsome, robust young slave was on sale. People gathered in hundreds at the slave market. some were spectators, others were bidders the elite and rich, each one craning his neck to see the champion beautiful. the auctioneer had a field day as the race went wild, each buyer trying to beat each other. Eventually, the Aziz, Prime Minister of Egypt, exceeded all the others and took Joseph to his palace.
The Qur’an describes this scene as follows: It was a caravan of travelers, they sent their water drawer, and has disappointed his bucket into the well. He said: “What good news here is a guy.” So she hid him as merchandise (a slave). And Allah is All-Knowing what they did.
They sold for a low price, for a few Dhirhams (for a couple of silver coins). They were those who regarded him insignificant.
He (the man) from Egypt who bought him said to his wife. “make your stay comfortable, we can gain one or adoption [t him as a son” So We establish Joseph in the land, which we could teach him the interpretation of events. (Ch 12:19-21)
See how Allah the Almighty revealed the substance of this long history, from its beginning: Allah has full power and control over its affairs, but most men do not know. (Ch 12:21)
The chains of slavery have closed on Joseph. It ‘was thrown into the well, deprived of his father, taken from the well, become a slave, sold to the market, and made the ownership of this man, the Aziz, the prime minister. The risks followed in quick succession, leaving Joseph helpless.
What we see as hazards and slander is the first step of the ladder on Joseph’s way to greatness. Allah is decisive in its actions. His plan was carried out despite the plans of others and while they are still in progress. So He spoils their plan, and the promise of Allah is made. Allah has promised the Prophet Joseph. The love for Joseph was thrust into the heart of the man who bought it, and he was a man with no intermediate position. It was an important person, a ruling class of Egypt.
Therefore, Joseph was pleasantly surprised when the prime minister of Egypt ordered his men to remove the heavy chains from his swollen feet. It ‘was also surprised when he told Joseph not to betray his trust, would not be mistreated if he behaved. Joseph smiled at his benefactor, thanked him and promised to be faithful.
Joseph felt at ease, for he was eventually repaired and would be well cared for. He thanked Allah over and over again and wondered at the mystery of life. Not long ago he was thrown into a deep, dark and without hope of getting out alive. Next he was rescued, then enslaved in chains of iron, and now moved freely in a luxury villa with enough food to enjoy. However, his heart ached with longing for his parents and his brother Benjamin and wept all day.
Joseph has been the personal assistant of the chief minister’s wife. He was obedient and always helpful. With his pleasant ways and behavior fascinating, has won the hearts of all.
Joseph’s good looks has become the talk of the town. The people referred to him as the most attractive man I had ever seen and wrote poetry about him. His face took immaculate beauty. The purity of his inner soul and his heart showed in his face, increasing his beauty. People from afar came to town to get a glimpse of him. The fairest of maidens and the richest ladiesnursthe to possess, but not once did he show haughtiness or conceit. was always humble and polite.
The days passed and Joseph grew. Allah the Almighty said: And when he (Joseph) attained his full manhood, We gave him wisdom and knowledge (the prophecy), so we reward those who do good. (Ch 12:22)
He was given wisdom and knowledge in the affairs of life and its conditions. He gave as the art of conversation, captivating those who heard him. He was given nobility and self-control, a personality that made him irresistible. His master soon knew that Allah honored him with Joseph. He understood that Joseph was the most honest, simple and noble person he had met in his life. Therefore, he put Joseph in charge of his household, honored him and treated him like a son.
The Prime Minister’s wife, Zulaikha, watched Joseph from day to day. She with him, talked with him, listened, and her wonder increased over time passion.
Joseph was soon confronted (with his second trial). The wife of prime minister, could not resist the beautiful Zulaikha Joseph, and his obsession caused her sleepless nights. She fell in love with him, and it was painful for her to be so close to a man, still able to hold him. Yet, there was a woman rebel, in his position could have any man she wanted. By all accounts, had to be a very beautiful woman, intelligent, or because the prime minister has chosen her of all the beautiful women in the kingdom? Although she did not give him children, he would not take another wife while he loved her passionately.
The Qur’an, the curtain rises on the scene of this fierce and devouring love on the part of the lady. Allah the Almighty has said: And she, in whose house he was, tried to seduce him (to do an evil act), closed the doors and said:. “Come, O ye” He said: “I seek refuge in Allah (or Allah forbid) Truly he (the husband) is my teacher made my stay enjoyable (So I never betray him) Indeed, the Zalimun (wrong, evildoers) will!. never have happened. ” Indeed, he has made him the desire and would lead to his desire, if he had not seen evidence of his Lord. So it was that we could turn away from evil and illegal sexual relations. Sure, he was one of Our chosen, guided slaves. (Ch 12:23-24)
Commentators are unanimous about its intention of disobedience but disagree about its intention. There are those who say that she tempted him, and the temptation to sin, even if you do not follow his intent. Others say that only wanted to kiss her, and tried to strike her. Still others say that this anxiety had been there before this incident. There was a psychological disturbance in Joseph when he reached adolescence, which Almighty Allah rid him.
The comment safer for us is that there is temptation and resistance in the verse, He Almighty said: And indeed she did desire him and he would have led to his desire … (Ch 12:24)
Abu Ubaidah said that this is a temptation and resistance meaning that he had tried to seduce him, if he had not seen evidence of Allah, he would have been seduced. This is in line with the infallibility of the prophets, as it suits the words which immediately follow: Thus it was that we could get away from him evil and illegal sexual intercourse. surely, was one of Our chosen, guided slaves. (Ch 12:24)
This verse proves that Joseph was a worshiper of Allah standing, but also testifies to his rescue by the authority of Satan. The Almighty said to the devil (Iblis) on the day of Creation, “Sure, you no authority over My slaves, except those who follow you of Ghawin (mushrikeen, and those who go astray, criminals, polytheists, and evildoers, etc.) “(Ch 15:42)

The rejection of Joseph only increased his passion. As he moved toward the door to escape, ran after him and grabbed his shirt, like a drowning person clinging to the boat. In pulling his shirt torn and held in his hand snatched the piece. They reached the door together. It opened suddenly, he found himself in front of her husband and his relatives.
Allah the Almighty said: So they raced each other to the door, and she tore his shirt from behind. Both have found his master (her husband) at the door. (Ch 12:25)
As he opened the door, saw her husband standing in front of him. The woman immediately changed her tone to anger clever, and, showing the piece torn his shirt in his hand, asked her husband: “What is the reward (punishment) for him who intended design evil against your wife, unless he is put in prison or a painful punishment? “(Ch 12:25)
He was now accused of molesting her Joseph to give the impression that she was innocent and a victim of the sexual desire of Joseph. Though bewildered Joseph denied: “She was trying to seduce me.” (Ch 12:26)
The shirt was passed from hand to hand, while she watched. The witness (her cousin) looked and found that it was torn at the back. The evidence showed that he was guilty. The disappointed husband told his wife: “Surely, it is a plot of you women sure you print is powerful!” (Ch 12:28)
The wise and just Aziz apologized to Joseph for his wife’s indecency. He also asked her to ask pardon for Joseph, accusing him unjustly. Almighty Allah narrated this incident thus: He (Joseph) said: “It ‘was she who tried to seduce me”, and a witness testified of his house saying: “If his shirt is torn from before, then the story is true, and he is a liar but if it is that his shirt is torn at the back, then told a lie and he speaks the truth! ”
So when he (the husband) saw his (Joseph’s) shirt was torn at the back, (her husband) said: “Of course, it is a plot of you women is certainly powerful your plot or Joseph away from this! (Or woman)! ask forgiveness for your sin. In truth, they were of sin. “(Ch 12:26-29 Quran).
An incident like this can not remain a secret in a house full of servants, and dissemination story. The women began to see her behavior as scandalous. They noted: “The wife of Al-Aziz is trying to seduce her (slave) young man, indeed loves him violently; in truth, we see her in plain error.” (Ch 12:30)
Naturally their gossip Zulaikha in difficulty. He believed in good faith that it was not easy for all women to resist a man as handsome as Joseph. To demonstrate his impotence, is expected to refer women faced the same temptation. She invited them to a sumptuous banquet. Nobody wants to lose the honor then invited to have lunch with the Prime Minister’s wife has also had secretly nourished the desire to meet the handsome Joseph face to face. Some of her close friends jokingly said they would come only if they introduced to Joseph.
The invitation was limited to the ladies. The banquet began, laughter and joy abounded. Etiquette dictated that the ladies not to mention the theme of Joseph. They were shocked, therefore, when the topic opened Zulaikha. “I’ve heard of those who say that I fell in love with the young jew, Joseph.” Silence fell upon the banquet. At one time all the guests hands stopped, and all eyes fell on the wife of the chief minister. He said, giving orders for fruit to be served: “I admit it is fascinating companion did not deny that I love him I loved him for a long time …”
The confession of the wife of the Prime Minister has removed the tension among the ladies. After finishing dinner, the guests began cutting their fruit. Just then, Joseph was called to appear. He entered the hall gracefully, his gaze lowered. Zulaikha calling his name and he raised his head. The guests were amazed and astonished. His face was bright and full of angelic beauty command. It reflected complete innocence, so that you could feel the peace of mind in the depths of his soul.
They exclaimed in amazement, while continuing to cut the fruit. All their eyes were on Joseph. So it was that women began to cut their palms absent mindly without feeling that they had cut.
The presence of Joseph at the scene of the drama was so effective that blflowedwithouttheir pain. One of the ladies gasped: “Good God!” Another whispered: “This is not a mortal!” Another stammered, patting her hair: “This is an angel, but noble.”
Then the wife of the chief minister stood up and announced: “This is one for which I was accused do not deny that I tried She was enchanted by Joseph, and see what happened to your hands … I tried it, and if not I want him to do what can be imprisoned. ”
Almighty Allah related the scene of the banquet in His words: So when he heard of their accusation, she sent for them and a feast prepared for them, she gave each of them a knife (to cut the food with), and She said (to Joseph): “Come out before them.” Then, when they saw him, raised him (her beauty), and (in their amazement) cut their hands. They said: “How perfect is Allah (or Allah forbid) No man is that this is nothing but a noble angel!”
He said: “This is he (the younger), on which you did blame me (for his love) and I did try to seduce him, but he refused and now, if he refuses to obey an order, he is certainly cast. in prison and will be one of those who have fallen into disgrace. ”
He said:. “O my Lord, prison is more to my liking than that to which I invite you unless you turn away their plot from me, I feel inclined towards them and be one of those who commit sin and deserve blame or those who do actions of the ignorant. ”
So his Lord answered his inovocation and walked away from him their plot. In truth he is the Hearer, All and all-knowing. (Ch 12:31-34)
That evening, Zulaikha convinced her husband that the only way to save her honor was to put Joseph in prison, otherwise it would have been able to control herself or to safeguard his prestige. The Prime Minister had known Joseph was absolutely innocent, that he was a young man of honor, a loyal servant, and loved him for these reasons. It was not an easy decision for him to put an innocent man behind bars. However, he was left no choice. He thought that the honor of Joseph would also be protected if it were kept out of sight of Zulaikha. That night, with a heavy heart, the minister sent Joseph to prison.



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