Story Of 25 Prophet

Prophets and Messengers are human beings in charge option gives instructions to people about the oneness of Allah and nurture them to carry out His teachings. Their characteristics presented in the Qur’an,

“… are those who convey the treatises of God. They were afraid of him and they were not afraid of a (any) besides Allah. And enough is Allah as a maker of calculation.” (Q. S. Al Ahzab: 39).

The difference between the Prophet and Apostles is: a prophet received revelations from Allah SWT for himself, while the Apostles to receive revelations from Allah in order to be submitted to all his people. The Prophets and Apostles have 4 compulsory and 4 the nature of nature is impossible, and one character allowed but not required, namely:

1. Shiddiq (right), it is impossible Kizib (lie).

2. Amanah (credible), it is impossible treacherous (cheating).

3. Tabliqh (Delivering revelation to his people), Impossible Kitman (hide Revelation).

4. Fathonah (Smart / intelligent), Impossible Jahlun (Stupid).

5. Bersifat allowed but not required that Aradhul Basyariyah (as human nature).

In this world has many Prophets and Messengers have been lowered, but that must be known by as many as 25 Muslims is the Prophet and Apostles, namely:

1. Prophet Adam As
2. Prophet Enoch (Idris) As
3. Prophet Noah (Nuh) As
4. Prophet Hud As
5. Prophet Salih As
6. Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) As
7. Prophet Ismail As
8. Prophet Lut As
9. Prophet Isaac (Ishaq) As
10. Prophet Jacob (Ya’qub) As
11. Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) As
12. Prophet Shu’aib As
13. Prophet Job (Ayoub) As
14. Prophet Ezekiel (Dzulkifli0 As
15. Prophet Moses (Musa) As
16. Prophet Aaron (Harun) As
17. Prophet David (Daud) As
18. ProphetSolomon (Sulaiman) As
19. Prophet Elijah (Ilyas) As
20. Prophet Elisha (Ilyasa) As
21. Prophet Jonah (Yunus) As
22. Prophet Zakariya As
23. Prophet John (Yahya) As
24. Prophet Isa  As
25. Prophet Muhammad Saw


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