Bathe Me, Mother

Bathe Me, Mother

Dewi is my best friend, a brilliant student with a brain and have high ideals. Since entering the campus, attitudes and self-concept is clear: achieving the best in academics and the profession will they do. “Why not to be the best?,” He remarks often heard from his mouth, quoted a former American president.
When the college to send students to study International Law at the Universiteit Utrecht, the Netherlands, the Dewi of one of them.
After completing his studies, got a life partner of the Dewi “same level”, is equally outstanding, albeit different professions. Not long ago was born the Bayu, the fruit of their love, her first child was born when the Dewi was appointed diplomatic staff widened, to coincide with her husband took a PhD. So complete was their happiness.
When Bayu, aged 6 months, Dewi of the more frenzied busyness. Bak a garuda, almost every day he flew from one city to another and from one country to another. I sincerely as a friend once asked him, “Did not the Bayu is still too small to be left-lived by his mother?” Deftly Dewi replied, “Oh, I already anticipate everything perfectly.” “Everything is OK! Do not worry. Everything is under control too! “Was always his words, full of confidence.
His speech was really prove it. Child care, are handled professionally by the most expensive baby sitter. Bayu Dewi lived control schedule by phone. Bayu eventually grow into a child who looked lively, intelligent self-contained and easy to understand.

Grandparents to grandchildren are always pumping mere puppet of pride, about how great their parents. About the PhD degree and the big names, on a plane, and money is abundant. “Follow Your Mother father-Bayu, Bayu when I grow up be like Mother.” As soon as my grandmother always Bayu, ordered at the end of the tale before sleep.
When Bayu 5 year old, her grandmother told if Bayu Dewi asked a sister to be his playmate in the house when he felt lonely.
Surprised by the unexpected demand, the Dewi and her husband again asked for understanding children. Busyness they have not been allowed to bring a sister for Bayu. Again, even this little boy would “understand” his parents.
With pride Dewi says that your child is great, the evidence, said Dewi, no more whining for you brother. Bayu, apparently inherited her mother’s character is not a whiner and very independent. Although parents often come home late, he rarely sulk.
In fact, said the Dewi to me, Bayu always welcome him with cheers. Thus, the Dewi is often called her my little angel. What a happy family, I thought. Although his parents super busy, but still growing Bayu lovingly of his parents. Secretly, I am so very jealous of this family.
One day, before the Dewi went to the office, somehow Bayu bathed by a baby-sitter refused. Bayu want this morning bathed by Her mother, “Mother I want to shower at the mother … please … please mother,” begged with pleading Bayu hopefully.
Dewi erratic course, which the seconds time was calculated was upset with his daughter’s request. He firmly rejected the demand Bayu, while remaining nimble dress up and prepare for office purposes. Bayu also helped persuade her husband to take a bath with a baby sitter. Again, Bayu with understanding would oblige, even though her face sullen.
This event is repeated until nearly a week. “Mother, I bathe!” Come on mother bathed me just this once …? “Bayu sound more and more stressful. But anyway, Dewi and her husband thought, maybe it’s because Bayu is in pre-school, become a bit more for attention. After persuasion, finally Bayu be left well and bath with Mbanya.
Until one afternoon, the Dewi was startled by a phone call from the babysitter, “Mom, today Bayu high heat and seizures. Now being checked at the emergency room. “
When told about the Bayu, the Dewi is being inaugurated its new office in Medan. After arriving in Jakarta, the Dewi sped straight to the ER. But alas … too late … God had other plans. Bayu, the little angel, the trigger was called home by his Lord. Dewi looks shocked. Arriving home, the only desire was to bathe her son, after some days ago Bayu start demanding it to bathe, the Dewi had promised his son to one day bathe himself if he was not there a very important matter. And that afternoon, Dewi finally fulfilled the promise as well, although after the child’s body frozen.

Amid the neighbors who are wake, a voice in a tone that vibrates Dewi said “This is Mother of son …. Today the Mother bathed the Bayu yes … dear ….! Mother finally fulfilled the promise is also Mother of ya son .. “
Then immediately one by one those who mourn, and nearby is trying to get away from the side, while no power to restrain their tears.
When the red soil had buried the body of the child, the mourner was still standing motionless at the side of the tomb of the Little Angels.
Many times Dewi, my brave, told colleagues arround, “This be fate, right ..” Same thing, I’m next to or across the ocean, when it’s time to call in, so he went, right? “
I then right at her side was silent. As if the Dewi does not feel saddened by the departure of his son and apparently he also does not need the entertainment of others.
While on her right, her husband stood like a lifeless. His face was pale with trembling lips could not restrain the tears that began to melt down her cheeks.
Staring at her tomb, heard again the voice Dewi said, “This is the consequence of a choice,” said Dewi, still trying to tough and strong.

Evening wind blew the scent of frangipani flowers that nose piercing to the bone marrow. Shortly after it unexpectedly sudden Dewi fell to his knees, then slammed him to the ground just above the tomb of his son, screaming hysterically. “Mother forgive Bayu darl ..!!, yes yes son … forgive your mother? he exclaimed repeatedly banging his head to the ground, and soon heard cries of explosive with tears flooding the ground tombs beloved son who has now gone forever.
As long as I know, it’s only this time I witnessed the Dewi wept hysterically like this.
Then there was another Dewi screaming “Get up Bayu my darl …. Bayu awake my love, let’s get up kid … ..?!?” she pleaded over and over again,” Mother will bathe you, my dear …. Please give a chance once Mother of son …. just this once, Bayu .. my son …? “Dewi pleading moan as he returned to bang his head repeatedly into the ground and then he hug and kissed her grave like a man who had lost his mind. The tears flowed more torrential flood of red soil that houses the bodies of Bayu.
Dusk the quiet, smell the scent of frangipani flowers growing stronger nose piercing makes the whole chilling we stood watching the heart-wrenching events of this … but what about the word, rice has become porridge, then useless regrets. Bayu never know how it feels to be bathed by his parents because they feel that things are far more important than just a bathing a child.



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