Doing 40 Years of Sin

In a history explained, that at the time of Moses, the Israelites had overwritten the long dry season, and they gathered to the Prophet Musa and said:
“O Kalamullah, please pray for us unto thy Lord that He may deign to rain for us!” Then Moses stood with his people and together they headed for the terrain. In an opinion saying that their numbers at that time there were approximately seventy thousand people.
Once they get to the destination, then Moses began to pray. Among the contents it is his prayer: “Lord, wash us with rain You, Sow to us Your grace and mercy on us, especially for small children who are nursing, farm animals that require grass and old people who had a hunchback. As we saw at the moment, the sky is very bright and the sun getting hotter.
My God, if not longer if you consider my position as a prophet to you, then I expect the blessed Prophet Muhammad umml namely that will thou hast sent to end-time prophet.

To Moses God sends down His revelation of its contents: “I never condescending kedudukanmu on my side, the real side of me you have a high position. However, along with this there are people who openly committing immoral for forty years. You may call him so he came out of a collection of people who are present in this place! That person as the cause of obstruction of rain for all of you. ”
The Prophet Moses again said: “O my Lord, I am thy servant weak, my voice was too weak, if perhaps my voice will be heard, while their number more than seventy thousand people?” Allah said: “O Moses, ye are called and I was the one who will convey it to them!. ”
Things which are commanded by God, then Moses stood up and called out to his people: “O servant of the transgressions which openly do so even as much as forty years old, you get out of our group, because you’re the, the rain is not lowered by God to us all! ”
Hear the call of Moses, then the sinners stood, looking left to right. However, he did not see one out of the group. Thus, he knew that it was intended by Moses was himself. Inside his heart said: “If I get out of this group, undoubtedly will be open all the evil I have done all this against the Israelites, but if I stayed for the remained seated with them, surely the rain will not be revealed by Allah SWT. ”
Having said so in his heart, he then hid his head in the opposite sleeve and regret all the deeds he has done, and prayed: “My Lord, I have been disobedient to Thee for over forty years, even so you still give me a chance and now I come unto thee with obedience taubatku then accept this. “Some time afterwards, was seen bergumpalan clouds in the sky, along with that thing as rain poured down like cats and dogs from the sky.
Seeing the circumstances, the Prophet Musa said: “My Lord, why have you give us rain, is not among us no one has come out and confess the sin he does?”
He said: “O Moses, I lowered the rain is also caused by a person who was formerly the rain because I did not lose to you.”
Prophet Moses said: “My Lord, lihatkanlah me who exactly obedient servant who is it?”
He said: “O Moses, first when he rebelling against me, I never opened her shame. Do it now. I’ll open a shame that when he was obedient unto me? O Moses, verily I really hate people who like to complain. Is now I have to be the complainant? “


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