Loving Rasulullah

Shortly before the Prophet died he asked Gabriel, “Explain what my rights before God?” Gabriel replied: “The doors of heaven have been opened, the angels have been waiting for your soul. All syurga wide open waiting for your arrival. “.

But that did not make Rasulullah relief, his eyes still full of … anxiety. “You do not like to hear Mr. Mouse?” Said Gabriel again. “Khabarkan told me later how the fate of my people?” Pinta Prophet.

“Do not worry, O Messenger of Allah, I heard God say to me:” Kuharamkan syurga for anyone, except the people of Muhammad had been in it, “said Gabriel.
A moment later, heard the Messenger of squealing, “yaAllah, inflicted only all this pain of death to me, not at my people.” Prophet Agency cold start, legs and chest was not moving anymore.

Her lips trembled as she said “Ummatii, ummatii, ummatii” – (my people, my people, my people). And ended the life of a noble man who gave light of it.

Now, Could we love we love the Prophet as he? Hopefully we include people who are always bershalawat to him the Prophet Muhammad, so that we can get the future Day of Judgement safaatnya, amen.



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