Story of Men and Four Him Wife

There was a man rich merchant who had 4 wives. The whole wife he loved so much, but the 4th was the one who pampered him with wealth and pleasure. His wife was indeed the fairest of the three other wives.

These merchants also loved the 3rd wife. He was very proud of his wife and always try to introduce this beautiful woman to all her friends. But he also always khawaatir, in case his wife later ran off with another man.

So is the wife of the 2nd. The merchants love it because of his wife was a patient and understanding. When he got into trouble, he always asked for consideration of the second wife of his, who always helped and accompanied her husband through the toughest times.

As with the first wife. He is a very loyal partner and always good for family life. These women who care for and manage all business and wealth of the husband. However, the merchant is less love him even though the first wife is so dear to him.

Long story short the merchant fell ill and realized that death is approaching. In the midst of a severe illness, she tries on all acquired beauty and said to myself, “Now I have 4 wives. But would I be alone when I die later. How sad. ”
Then the merchant called all his wives and asked the 4th wife of his.
“You love the most, I give you a beautiful dress and jewelry. Well, now I’m going to die. Would you like to accompany and stay with me? ”
The wife was silent …. “Of course not!” Replied the 4th wife and walked away without another word. The answer is very hurtful. As if there will be a drawn knife and sliced ​​his heart.

Sad merchant then asked the 3rd wife.
“I also love all my heart and now my life will end. Will you come with me and accompany the end of my days? ”
“Life is so beautiful here, I’m going to remarry when you die.” Answered his wife seemed to not care.
Like lightning struck in broad daylight, the merchant was devastated by the response. Her body felt cold.

Then he called his wife to-2.
“I always turn to whenever I get in trouble and you always help me wholeheartedly. Now I need all your help. If I die, will you with me? ”
“I’m sorry this time I can not help you. I can only menghantarmu to the grave. Nant I’ll make a beautiful tomb for you. “Replied the wife gently
These merchants are very desperate. In an upset, it suddenly heard a voice, “I will stay with you and accompany you wherever you go. I will not leave you, I’ll be faithful. ”

The man then turned to the side, and found his first wife there. He looked so skinny. Her body was like a starving man. Feeling sorry, the merchant whispered, “I wish I could take care of you when I can, will not let you lean like this, my wife.”
My friends! This is the story of polygamy but the extent of imagery. Because in real life we ​​actually have 4 wives it.

4th wife is our BODY.
How much time and money we spent for our bodies to look beautiful and handsome. All of this will disappear within a time limit and space. No beauty and bravery that we left when facing him.

When we die, everything will go to the other. They will move danmelupakan we ever have it. As much as any of our place in society and our treasure as much as anything, all that will change hands in an instant when we are gone.

Meanwhile, the second wife, the relatives and friends.
No matter how close hubungankita with them, we can not continue with them. Only until they bury the burrow to accompany us.

And indeed our first wife is OUR SOULS AND deeds.
Actually, only the soul and good deeds alone that we are able to continue to faithfully assist wherever we go. Only amallah are able to help us in the hereafter.

So, while capable, treat us with a wise soul and do not be shy and quick to do charity, providing help to others in need. No matter how small our help, our giving becomes very meaningful for those in need.


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