The Story Of An Old Woman And His Love Of The Apostle

There was a story of an Old Lady who never stopped hoping the arrival Intercessory Prophet. The old woman from the village not only reveals the apostle of love in its sincerity. He also shows humility, self-abasement, and limitations of the charity before God Almighty. Moreover, he also has a sense of spiritual sublime: He can not rely on charity. He relies heavily on the grace of God. And who else would be a natural addition to grace all of the Messenger of Allah?

Insha Allah, His story will be helpful and can be picked lesson.

In a city in Madura, there is an elderly grandmother florist chrysolite. He sold his interest in the market, after walking quite a distance. After the sale, he went to the Grand Mosque in the city. He was her ablutions, entered the mosque, and prayed Zhuhur. After reading wird modest, he left the mosque and the bend in the courtyard of the mosque. He gathered the leaves scattered on the courtyard. A sheet after sheet of dikaisnya. Not even he missed a single sheet.
Of course a while she cleaned the courtyard of the mosque that way. Whereas in the afternoon sun Madura really sting. Sweat drenched his body.

Many visitors to the mosque fell sorry for him. One day Takmir mosque decided to clean up the leaves before the old woman came.
On that day, he came straight into the mosque. After the prayers, when he wants to do routine jobs, he was surprised. None of the leaves scattered on it. He returned to the mosque and cried loudly. He questioned why the leaves are added to prior to his arrival. People explained that they were sorry for him. “If you pity me,” said the old woman, “Give me a chance to clean it up.”

Long story short, my grandmother was left to collect the leaves as usual.
A kiai honored to be asked to ask her why she was so excited to clean the leaves. The old woman would explain why the two conditions: first, only Kiai who listened to his secret, second, that the secret should not be deployed when he was alive.

Now he was dead, and you can listen to the secret.

“I am a stupid woman, Mr. Kiai,” he said. “I know my deeds are small it may also not true that I run. I could not have survived in the hereafter without the intercession of the Prophet Muhammad. Every time I take a leaf, I say one salawat the Messenger. Later, when I die, I want Allah to pick me up. Let all the leaves that testify that I read salawat him. “


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