The Story Of The Prophet Muhammad With A Bedouin

AT a time when Prophet Muhammad was tawaf in the Temple, the king heard someone in front of him bertawaf while zikr, “Ya Karim! Ya Karim! ”

Zikirnya imitate the Prophet Muhammad “Yes Karim! Ya Karim! ”

The man stopped at one corner of the Kaaba and called again “Yes Karim! Ya Karim! “The Prophet who was behind it called again” Yes Karim! Ya Karim! ”

People’s taste in perolok mocking himself, then looked back and saw a man who is very handsome and dashing that have not been in the saw.

The man said, “O man handsome, do you deliberately mock-ngejekku, because I was the Bedouin? Even if it were not for his good looks and will kegagahanmu kulaporkan to my beloved Prophet Muhammad. ”

Hearing the words of the badwi it, the Prophet smiled and said: “Do not you recognize your Prophet, O Arabs?”

“No,” replied the man.

“So how do you believe in him?” Asked the Prophet Muhammad.

“I believe firmly for his prophetic, though I’ve never seen it, and justify the mission even though I’ve never met him,” replied the Arab badwi it.

Prophet Muhammad was said to him: “O Arabs, I know this is your Prophet in this world and penolongmu later in the hereafter.”

Seeing the Prophet before him, he was stunned, like not believing in him and said, “Sir, the Prophet Muhammad?” “Yes,” replied the Prophet.

Immediately that person is subject to, and kissed both legs Prophet.

Seeing that the Prophet Muhammad Arabs badwi pulled it and said, “O Arabs, do not do anything like that. Such actions are usually performed by a slave to his master. Know that God did not send me to be a arrogant, asking respected or revered, but for the sake of bringing good news for the believers and brought frightening news for those who deny it. ”

When it’s down the Angel Gabriel to bring news from the sky, he said, “O Muhammad, God’s As-Salam convey greetings to you and says:” Say to the Arabs, so as not awed by God’s mercy. Know that God will menghisabnya Mahsyar later in the day, will weigh all righteous deeds, whether small mahupun great. ”

After delivering the news, Gabriel then go. The Arabs were also says, “For the greatness and glory of God, if God will make the calculation of practice on me, I was going to make calculations with Him.”

Arabs badwi said, “If God will take into account the sins of the servants, the servants will take into account how much greatness magfirahNya. If He reckons disobedience me, I will take into account the extent of His forgiveness. If He reckons stinginess on me, I will take into account also how generous. ”

Listening to Arabs badwi it, then the Prophet wept reminded how true the words of the Arab badwi melt it so the tears wetting his beard.

Because of that the Angel Gabriel descended again and said, “O Muhammad, God’s As-Salam convey greetings to you and said,” Stop thou than cry, because crying indeed, guards Throne tahmidnya forget reading and prayer beads, so he shakes. Now tell your friend, that God will not menghisab himself, nor be counted kemaksiatannya. God forgive all the mistakes already and will be your friend in syurga later. ”

Arabs badwi what joy, when I heard the news and crying because powerless contain his emotion.


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