We Are Currently Still Be King

We Are Currently Still Be King

There is a very safe country, its people prosperous and tranquil. This is because the country was ruled by a just and wise king. The king is always attentive and concerned with the welfare of its people.
One night the King around the country want to see first hand the condition of his people. Accompanied by several ministers and aides. The King secretly go around the country. In a house of the King heard the moans of a young man who starved. The mother in a weak voice told her son that she had had no more food.The king heard it and immediately asked the minister, how this
could happen? After conferring, they agreed to secretly bring the child to the palace that night and made him king for a day.
After the boy was asleep, secretly the Ponggawa took him to the palace without anyone’s knowledge.
At court the boy was put to sleep in the bedrooms are large and luxurious. In the morning when I woke up, he was amazed. Some auxiliary palace to explain that he is currently in the royal palace and was made king. The palace servants to serve him busy.
Meanwhile in a separate place the mother’s confusion and anxiety due to bereavement. Looking everywhere but the child remains found idol of the heart.
Later that day, weeping tears of the mother went to the king’s palace to ask for help. But at the gates of the palace of the mother restrained by the palace guards.
The guard told the new king that outside the palace there was a shabby old mother and
starvation. King then commanded to give charity one sack of rice to the older mothers.
In the evening the king went back to sleep in his room a magnificent and luxurious. Midnight Ponggawa palace secretly move reintroduction young man who was sound asleep into his mother’s house. The next morning the mother is very happy to have rediscovered his lost son yesterday. Instead the young man wondered why he was at home again. The mother told me that yesterday he was looking here and there to go to court to ask for help, and return he was given by the king bag of rice. The child soon realizes that he yesterday gave a sack of rice. Then he hurried away to the palace and the king, asking for re-appointed to be king.
The king refused. The Youth in pleading, even if I have appointed the king’s half-day course. If he became king, he wanted to send rice to the mother even more, not just a sack yesterday. The king refused the request boys. While pleading-Hiba young man even asked for only an hour just a few minutes. The king refused to become king of the reasons your time is up. Feeling very sorry and cried the young man returned home his hut and saw there were only a sack of rice in his house, which soon also devoured them both.
He was very sorry why when he became king did not send a lot of rice into his mother’s. Now that opportunity has been lost and not coming back.
That’s the imagery of regret in the Hereafter for those of us a little charity work while living in the world. Are not we currently living in the world? Yes … therefore, do not waste this opportunity.

We currently are the king …


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