First Woman Sign In Heaven

Women are allowed to enter heaven first was a woman named Muti’ah. Shocked? Just like when it’s Siti Fatimah, who thought he was the first to go to heaven.

Who Muti’ah? Because curiosity is high, Siti Fatimah was looking for a woman named Muti’ah at the time. He also wanted to know whether the charity can make a woman could go to heaven first? Upon inquiry, Siti Fatimah eventually find the home of a woman named Muti’ah. This time he wanted to stay in touch to the house of the woman, wanting a closer look at his life. At that time, Siti Fatimah visiting with small children, Hasan. After knocking on the door, there was dialogue.

“Outside, who?” Said Muti’ah not open the door.
“I Fatimah, daughter of the Prophet”
“Oh, yes. There is a need what? ”
“I just visited it”
“You alone or together with the other?”
“I along with my son, Hasan?”
“Excuse me, Fatima. I have not gotten permission from my husband to receive male guests ”
“But Hasan was a kid”
“Although children, he is a man too right? Sorry. Come back tomorrow, I will ask permission to my husband ”
“Well” said Fatima in a tone of disappointment. After greetings, he went away.

The next day, Siti Fatimah returned to the house Muti’ah. Besides taking Hasan, Husein was (twin brothers Hasan) whining to ask to come, too. Eventually the three of them also visited the house Muti’ah. There followed a dialogue like yesterday.
“My husband had given permission for Hasan”
“But sorry, Muti’ah. Hussein was whining to ask to come along. So I invited too! ”
“She’s a woman?”
“No, he’s the man”
“Well, I have yet to ask permission to Husain.”
“But he’s also still a child”
“Although children, he was also a man. Sorry. Come back tomorrow! ”
“Okay” Back Siti Fatimah disappointed.

But her curiosity was so great to know the secret of what causes women to be visited is allowed go to heaven first. Finally came the next day. Siti Fatimah and her two sons returned to the residence of Mutiah. Because everything has been given permission by her husband, finally they were allowed to visit his home. Siti Fatimah how thrilled because this is an opportunity for him to uncover the mystery woman.

According to Siti Fatimah, a woman named Muti’ah as well as herself and women generally. He prayed and others. Almost nothing special. However, Siti Fatimah still curious as well. Until finally when it has been a long time talking, “secret” she did not unfold as well. Finally, Muti’ah even dared to ask permission as there needs to be done.

“Fatimah Sorry, I have to go to the fields!”
“There is a need what?”
“I have to deliver this food to my husband”
“Oh, so”
There is nothing wrong with the food brought Muti’ah is touted as food for her husband. But that does not believe it, it turns out Muti’ah also carry a whip.
“For what this whip, Muti’ah?” Said Fatima curious.
“Oh, this. It is my habit since the first ”
Fatima really curious. “Tell me!”

“Look, every day my husband went to the fields for planting. Every day I deliver food for him anyway. But with a whip. I ask if the food I make is good or not, whether or not her husband happy. If anyone is uncomfortable, so I let myself so that my husband took the whip is then whip me. This I do to my husband ridlo with me. And of course saw this my behavior, my husband was so touched his heart. He also ridlo over me. And I ridlo upon himself ”

“Good heavens, just to please a husband, you are willing to do this, Muti’ah?”
“I just need keridloannya. Because a good wife is an obedient wife to a wonderful husband and the husband to his wife ridlo ”
“Yes … it turns out this is the secret”
“Secrets of Fatima ya?” Mutiah also curious.
“Allah’s Apostle said that the lady you were first allowed to enter heaven. Apparently all because of the high baktimu to a husband who is pious. ”




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