Prophet and the Jewish Blind Beggar

In the corner market Madinah Al-Munawarah a Jewish beggar blind day after day when someone approached him he always said: “O my brother do not go near Muhammad, he was a madman, he is a liar, he’s a witch, if you approach it you will be influenced” . Every morning the Prophet came to him with food, and without saying a word of the Prophet Muhammad had brought the food to feed the beggar beggar even though it is always advised not to approach the people named Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad SAW to do until before he died. After the Prophet kewafatan no more people who bring food every morning to the blind Jewish beggar.

One day ra Abubakar visited her son’s house Aisyah r.ha. He asked his son, “my beloved sunnah is there that has not been done by me,” Aisha r.ha answer the question of his father, “Father, you are an expert on the Sunnah Sunnah almost no one else has not done except for one father only sunna”. “Is That?”, Said Abubakar r.a. Every morning the Prophet Muhammad always go to the end of the market by bringing food to a blind Jewish beggar who was there, “said Aisha r.ha.
To the next day Abubakar r.a. go to the market by bringing food to give to beggars. Abubakar ra beggar came and gave it to his food. When Abubakar r.a. began to feed him, the beggar was angry, shouting, “Who are you?”. Ra Abubakar replied, “I’m an ordinary person”. “No!, You are not the ordinary people who came to me,” replied the blind beggar. When she came to me this is not hard to hold hands and mouth is not hard to chew. Ordinary people who came were always fed me, but first dihaluskannya food by mouth after that he gave to me with his own mouth “, the beggar went on his words.
Abubakar r.a. can not hold back her tears, she cried and said to the beggar, I’m not someone who used to come at you, I was one of his best friend, a noble man was gone. He is Muhammad the Prophet Muhammad. After the beggar heard the story Abubakar ra he wept and then said, is that right?, I’ve always been insulted, slander, he never scolded me a bit, he came with food every morning, he was so noble …. Blind Jewish beggar is finally bersyahadat before Abubakar r.a


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