Hate Become Love

Friends with anyone is something that is encouraging. Many pearls of wisdom scattered wherever it emerged from the simple people. One chicken satay sellers. Initially known the holy month of Ramadan a few years ago. Madurese people are nice and friendly. That’s what makes merchandise satenya became crowded.

One day he recalled that during a certain month of Ramadan as the month he could be overwhelmed buyers. Until he invites his relatives helped him come to sell, including his own father. He says, on one evening of many buyers in line. Father and brothers while he was busy serving the home to take a rice cake and chicken satay at home.

Returning to the tavern and the buyer has begun to diminish. Maghrib azan echoed. The father approached him and said if the money box today that it has lost sales taken. Instead, his father was willing to work during Ramadan should not be paid.

Days have passed, a week later. After maghrib prayer ahead of a young man along with rice cake chicken satay message. His father served immediately. The man was served with a special, makes her a wonder, why the father treats him very special. Starting from burn sate, prepared lontongnya, warm tea with a very kindly.

“Father, who is he? Why father served so special? ”
What he village officials? “He said in amazement.
“Not. He is taking your money box the other day. “Replied his father.

‘Hearing the father answers that it feels like my blood boil. Want to taste my luapkan my anger on that person. “Sellers said the sate.

‘But my father stop saying. ‘Do not you anger luapkan. He was the teacher of your life because he was, you could learn to hate you transform into Love. “Then, his eyes appeared glassy, sometimes his hands brushed the tears that fell welling to understand the meaning of life taught by his father about turning hate into love. Subhanallah ..

Perhaps you hate something, but he is very good for you, and may be (too) ye love a thing, but it is very bad for you. God knows, and you do not Know the ‘QS. Al-Baqarah: 216



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