The Story Of A Glass Of Milk

That afternoon was hot once, Shane stopped and take shelter in a tree. Merchandise has not sold any at all, he feels very hungry when dikantongnya there’s only five hundred dollars. His parents are poor can not afford school Shandy but his determination to learn is so high that every day he is willing to trace the path, and out of the housing complex to sell and the proceeds to finance the school.
Feeling very hungry Shane finally decides to knock on the door of a house and intend to ask for food tuk just jammed his stomach, but soon lost his nerve when a lovely girl has opened the door. Shandy did not dare ask for food, a little stutter he said, “May I have water to drink.”

The girl saw that the child seems hungry, she smiled and said, “wait a minute”, and shortly later the girl came out to bring him a large glass of milk. Shandy also drank it slowly.

“How much do I owe you a glass of this milk?” Said Shandy.

“You do not have to pay anything,” replied the girl. “My name is Jasmine, my mother forbade me to receive payment for the good of what I do.”

Shane was so moved, and said, “If so, I thank you.”

Shane then left the house.
He not only more powerful body, but his faith in God and trust in fellow human beings becomes more stable. Previously he had felt desperate and about to give in to fate.


A few years later, Jasmine became seriously ill.

The local doctor confusion when diagnosing the disease. They then sent him to the big city and invited several specialists to study her rare disease patients. The best doctors are called into the consultation room to be consulted.

When hearing the name of the patient and the patient’s home city, looks strange radiance of the eyes of one of the Doctor.
He immediately got up and walked down the hall dressed in a hospital with doctors to see the patient. The doctor immediately recognized the woman’s pain. He then returned to the consulting room with a determination to save his life.

Since that day the doctor gave special attention to the case of the patient. After being treated long enough, eventually the patient can be cured. The doctor asked the finance department for the hospital bill submitted to him first for approval prior to submission to the patient.
Memorandum of the bill was then sent to his office. He observed a moment and then wrote something on the side. Bill was then sent to the patient’s room.

The patient is afraid to open the envelope a memorandum of the bill because it believes that to be able to pay it off he had to spend the rest of his life.

Finally, the bill was opened and his eyes immediately drawn to the writing on the edge of the bill:

Has been paid in full with a glass of milk
dr. Shandy

Happy tears flooded the eyes of the patient. He said to himself, “Thank God, your love has spread broad through human hearts and hands.”


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