Dutiful to Parents Though Them Not in Love With Us

Editor of Al Wala ‘Wal Bara’


Assalaamu ‘alaikum, Ustadz, I want to ask, how dutiful to parents while the parents when I was a kid does not love me. In fact, I like not his, please love advice. Wassalaam. (081316404 ***)


Wa’alaikumus warahmatullah. Allah has explained in Al-Qur `an will be obligatory to devote to the parents, as in his word (which means):” And your Lord has commanded that ye should not worship except Him, and let you do good on your father’s mother in the best as possible. If one of them or both in your save old age, then once in a while do not tell them the word “ah” and do not be shouting at them and say unto them a noble word. And Humble yourselves against them both with great pet and say: “O my Lord, love them both, as they both have little time to educate me.” (Al-Israa ‘: 23-24)

And also his word (which means): “Worship Allah and do not ascribe him with nothing. And do good to his two mother-father, ….” (An-Nisaa ‘: 36)

Also his word (which means): “Say:” Let me read what was forbidden upon you by your Lord, that is: do not ascribe anything with Him, do good to both the mother’s father, …. “(Al-An’am: 151)

And other verses are ordered to do good to parents very much, even in some of these verses (as listed above) bounce God commands that do good to parents with His command to worship only Him and not associating him with nothing that is after God commanded us to tauhid Him and do not shirk in Him, God commanded us to do good (devoted) to parents. This shows the magnitude of the rights of parents to their children.

Even if our parents are ordered immoral or even shirk then we should not obey him but still do good to him in a case such as feeding the world, sanctify his clothes, to visit him, advised him and others. Allah says (which means): “And if they strive to make with me something that no knowledge about it, then do not follow them, and accompany them in the world with good.” (Luqmaan: 15)

Hopefully we do good to parents even though our parents are ordered or immoral or wrongdoers do not love us, and we are advised by the best and gentle and we pray to Allah to give guidance to him, surely the result would would be good. Allah says (which means): “There is no good unless the good of children (anyway).” (Ar-Rahman: 60)

Be patient in dealing with both. Allah says (which means): “Only those who are patient who dicukupkan reward them indefinitely.” (Az-Zumar: 10)

May Allah always guide us all to what is blessed and loved Him and give strength to follow it. Aamiin. Wallaahu knows best.
Sources: Bulletin Da’wah Al Wala ‘Wal Bara’ Bandung


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