Emancipation of Women: Propaganda For Breaking down Aqidah

Al-Ustadz Abu Usama bin Abdurrahman Rawiyah

Propaganda getting through the middle of the destruction of the lives of the Muslims. Never imagined when they are being stalked by a strong and formidable opponent, suddenly there came a people or a region or a few people have undressed glory and converted. Indeed many ways and the way for Satan to ensnare and mislead the servants of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and lead them to hell Sa’ir.
Many followers are ready commanded by him in the destruction effort, and too many puppeteers who are ready to execute the will of Satan la’natullah alaih. Many thinkers who are ready to design roads misdirection. Many religious leaders are prepared to bend the straight path. And many preachers who are ready to be a caller to the path of Satan. Terpeliharalah people who are blessed by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and ruined the people whom He will.

The number of road Satan to ensnare his opponent and the many supporters in carrying out his intention, requires us to always be ready to deal with a complete arsenal and enough stock. None of the most powerful weapon to confront the power of Satan and all the maneuvers in addition to the science of religion. And there is no complete supplies in the course of jihad against it but devotion to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Allah says (which means): “O ye who believe, if you have fear of Allah, Allah will make for you Furqan (differentiator).” (Al-Anfal: 29)

Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said (which means):

“Whoever does God want goodness to him, Allah will make him faqih in religion.”

“Whoever goes in search of knowledge Allah will make it easy path to heaven.”


Women a high status in Islam and have equal rights in the practice of religion. In which Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala has treated them and impose Sharia law in accordance with the nature of its creation. It is included in the generality of his word (which means): “Allah does not burden a person but according to his capacity.” (Al-Baqarah: 286)

Allah is Just in determining his Shari’a, and all-wise in putting his laws for them. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala has glorified them with various forms and ways. Among them:

1. Allah commanded them to stay in their homes, in order to awake their honor. As in Surat al-Ahzab verse 33 (which means): “And let you guys (women) remained in your homes.”

2. Allah does not charge them to make a living for their children, as in Surat an-Nisa ‘verse 5 (which means): “The man is a leader for women, because Allah hath part of they (men) over part another (female), and because they (men) has spend most of their possessions. “(An-Nisa ‘: 34)

And in the hadith of Ibn ‘Umar radi’ anhuma the Agreed alaih (which means): “Each of you is a leader and you will be asked about your leadership.”

And in the hadith narrated by Abu Dawood (no. 1695) (which means): “Just as sin, someone who wasted their dependents.”

3. The women were ordered to cover their whole body, as the word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala in surah Al-Ahzab verse 59 (which means): “O Prophet, say to your wives, daughters and wives of the believers: ‘Let them extend their scarf around your body’. That is so they are easier to be recognized, therefore they are not disturbed. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. ”

4. Women should not travel in a Safar but must be accompanied by a mahram, a woman who saw the condition of weak and need protection and maintenance. As narrated by al-Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullahu (no. 1086-1087) and rahimahullahu Muslim (no. 1338-1339) from the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Umar, Abu Hurayra, and Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri radi’ anhum.

5. Women are banned from air-tabarruj (toilet) such female ignorance, as mentioned in surah Al-Ahzab verse 33 (which means): “And do not air-tabarruj like people ignorant of the ancients.”

6. Divorce divorce matters are not left to the woman, as mentioned in surah Al-Baqarah verse 236 (which means): “There is no obligation to pay (dowry) for you if ye divorce your wives before you mix with them and before you determine the dowry. ”

Also in the letter of Ath-talaq paragraph 1 (which means): “O Prophet, when you divorce your wives so be ye divorce them when they can be (against) iddahnya (reasonable) and compute the time idda it.”

Rahimahullahu Ibn al-Qayyim said: “Divorce in the hands of men and not on hand in others.” (Zadul Ma’ad, 5 / 278)

7. Not required for women to join jihad fi sabilillah undertake, as has been borne by the men. (See the book `Bizajril Kasyful Wa’tsa Khubatsa Da’in` Ad-Nisa `ila Musawatin beer Ilgha Rijal wa` Fawariqil Untsa work Abdurrahman ash-Shaykh Abu Yahya bin ‘Ali Al-Hajuri)

Some forms of treatment of Allaah towards women at the top, if studied and reviewed with the sense of a healthy and clean nature, will know that it is a way to maintain the existence of women. And it is a wise and fair treatment, according to their natures. But how many of the women who understand themselves and glory?


There is no doubt that women in the period of ignorance do not have the slightest value in human life. They were like animals, which depend on the willingness herdsmen. They are like pets that depend on the willingness slave master. In these circumstances, how women are treated in that time? How does social status they think?

Indeed, the social status of women by the Arabs before Islam was very low. Up to the extent of decline and deterioration, weakness and humiliation, that sometimes the situation was far from human dignity. Their rights are suppressed even if only convey an idea in the affairs of his life. There is no inheritance for him as long as she as a woman. Because customary place among them is the principle of “Can not inherit unless the person wielding the sword and protect the girl.” He does not have the right to protest or participate in the affairs of her husband’s deliberations. All affairs handed over to his guardian. And indigenous peoples ignorance of the worst is burying baby girls alive. This act shows the peak of cruelty, ruthlessness, and savagery as has been hinted by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala in His Book nan holy (which means): “And when the babies of women who were buried alive. For what crime she was killed? “(At-Takwir: 8-9)

The goal of the Arabs in a variety of burial. Among those buried there are the girls fear for their honor and fear gets reproach. Because they are people who love to attack and war. This could make their daughters into captivity to the enemy, according to them. This is the culmination of humility and humiliation. And the tribes of the Arabs who first perform the burial of the girls they are the tribes Rabi’a.

Among them there are burying daughters alive due to life circumstances are very twisting, difficult livelihood, and the indigent. Poverty that drives them to do it. It has been told by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala in His Book (which means): “Kill not your children for fear of poverty. We’re the guys who will give rizki to them and also to you. Surely killing them is a great sin. “(Al-Isra ‘: 31)

“Say: ‘Let me read what was forbidden upon you by Rabbmu, namely: do not ascribe anything with Him, do good to both the mother’s father, and do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We will give Rizki and unto them ‘. “(Al-An` am: 151)

There is also among those who kill their children because of jealousy and fear bring disgrace. Because they can bring in diseases, such as black, or grease and so on. Indeed they have committed barbarous acts which make the heart wound and tears.

The phenomenon of tyranny has become the rules of society and women applied themselves innocent. Islam came forbids such barbaric acts and provide appropriate penalties for those who do.

1. Women in the view of the Greeks

Greece ranked as the nation’s most high predecessors and most of civilization. The situation of women at the time they are in the level of decline in all facets of life, so they have no standing at all in the community. Even a belief emerged that in fact women are the cause of suffering and misfortune for someone. So do not be surprised if they occupy the lowest position. Because of their low position that is, men do not sit with them in a single table.

In the next generation due to current changes in lust, bestial temperament and passions, which draw them to give freedom to women in affairs that are only limited to sex. So the women are like prostitutes. As a result, women as prostitutes who occupy high positions. They became the center surrounded by all the activities of Greek society. Even they make the tale-tale for the prostitutes.

2. Women in the view of the Romans

They are a nation that has reached the peak of glory and elevation after the Greeks. We see the rules of this nation inclined to tyranny, crime and abuse to women. Among those words are associated with women: “Verily fetters have not been uprooted and the yarn is not loose.” Namely, in their communities, a husband has full rights to his wife, as the king over his people. So he set his wife in accordance with his desires. Men look at women only as impingement lust, nothing more than that. They live above the competition to grab a naked woman. They also facilitate the affairs of divorce for trivial reasons. The number of divorces that result in women think good of their lives based on the number of husbands, without having a sense of guilt and shame. Even more bizarre than that, what has been mentioned by Al-Qudai Jaarum (340-420 AD) about a woman who had married the last time on that count to 23, while she is a wife to her husband-21 for a new one.

As a result of all this, the Roman state was destroyed with the destruction of evil as the destruction of the Greeks before. All because they are immersed in animalistic lust, which it did not occur in animals especially appropriate in humans.

3. Women in Persia

A country which has mastered the law in most countries, which determines the power, make laws and rules. We see that these laws and mendzalimi degrading women. They determine the punishment very severe for women with only a minor error. At the same time, men have absolute freedom and punishment is not inflicted except to women. Thus, if a woman had fallen into the error of repeated then he should kill himself. At that time also there is a rule that women were forbidden to perform marriages with men outside the Zaradashty (worshipers of the sun). While men have the freedom to organize in accordance with his desires. Another habit is when a woman in a state of menstruation, then she moved from town to places far outside the city. No one should approach it except the waiters who served him food.

4. Women in the Chinese domestic

In general, Chinese society is in a chaotic and savage life. They are free to have sex without shame. So the kids only know their mother and did not know their father. In this society, women have no rights except to receive orders and execute it. Should not be protested. Chinese society once had deep-rooted customs. Where a father should walk on the common custom, women are not entitled to inheritance and property can not sue his father at all. They also equate women with running water to clean dirt, which is regarded as a pleasure and inheritance.

5. Women in India

The situation of women in Indian country is not better than their situation in the country of Greece and Rome. Women in their view are as slaves, while the men as host. Because, in their view, a girl becomes a slave to his father, a wife becomes a slave to her husband, the widow of a slave to her children. Generality the Hindu belief that women are the elements of sin and the cause of temperament and mental deterioration. When the husband dies then she did not have the right to life, so he had to die on the day when her husband died, by burning on a stove.

6. Women in Jewish outlook

According to the Jewish nation, a woman is a contemptible creature as ugly merchandise that are sold in the markets. Deprived of their rights, and they are prohibited from inheritance rights if the heritage is a treasure. As for the father, if the debt in the form of goods leaving the house, then the debt is charged to the women. But if you leave the property, then the least the woman does not get the part. If married, women are not given a dowry despite abundant treasures her future husband.

And if the estate back to the girls for not having a brother, so he should not marry other offspring. He is also not entitled to transfer his inheritance to the offspring in others. They believe that women for men is one of the doors Jahannam. Where a woman was the cause that will plunge into sin. Among their assumption, the woman is the source of all the calamities that befall humans. And they believe that women are cursed, because he was the cause of Adam alaihis menyelewengnya Regards.

If they were menstruating menstruation aka, the consequences are not invited to eat, sit, and should not touch the vessel, so that the vessel does not become unclean. He was exiled in a tent, then bread and water is placed in front of him. And he remained in his tent until he is holy.

7. Women in the view of Christianity

Christianity came to Europe seeks to overcome the chaos that has been widespread in Western society at the time, ie clutter and munkar ethic that makes us sad. Whereas the lower animals are far from it. They set theories believed to be a cure for any distress. But the reality is quite the opposite. Among the theories they are considered women as a source of disobedience, from the ugliness and evil. Women for men is one of the doors Jahannam. Therefore, women become the source of movement in sin. (See a brief book of the Apostle’s Nisa `Haular Mahmud Mahdi al-Istambuli and Mustafa Abu An-Nasr Al-Syalabi)

Emancipation, THERE IN ISLAM?

If the call emancipation motif:
1. Fighting for the rights of women are so equal in life with the rights of men,
2. Raising the status of women to equal men in all aspects of life,
3. Emancipate women from the shackles of backwardness so that the same as men in progress,
Surely the principle of emancipation that it would be contrary to the justice of Islam as a religion which has regulated the life of every human being, as well as content menyelisihi revelation of beauty. In which the revelation had separated and determine for men and women of the rights and obligations that are not the same. Likewise, the revelation has been to determine the differences in many cases, such as differences in terms of creation, purification, prayer, implementation bodies, charity, fasting and I’tikaf, hajj, aqiqah, jihad, leadership and war, marriage, divorce, khulu ‘, li’an and’ iddah Had and Qisas law, as well as differences in matters of inheritance rights. (Kasyful Wa’tsa `work of Ash-Shaykh Yahya Al-Hajuri)

Walking on the provisions of revelation, is actually an appointment, struggle and freedom for women in accordance with the nature of their creation. Instead, leave the guidance of revelation would cause destruction and perdition.

DANGERS OF APPEAL emancipation

Propaganda emancipation of women is an old song that exhaled by the enemies of Islam who aim to destroy Islam and Muslims. As the Muslims-especially the women, consistent with religion and the Sunnah of His Prophet, of course, their life will be good and clean. With it they will know the ins and outs of the enemy. This all makes hate the enemies of Islam, especially Jews and Christians. So disebarkanlah understand this new, female emancipation, to divide Muslims, extending the damage between them, removing the women from the seclusion of the houses, and eliminate the shame of them. After everything that happened, it would be easy for Jews and Christians to dominate the Islamic world and humiliate Muslims.

In the Zionist protocols mentioned: “We shall try to extend moral damages in each corner (Islamic countries) in order to easily overpower them.”

Glastone, an Englishman who fanatic said: “It is impossible to master eastern countries (Islamic countries) during the women did not take off the hijab from her face. (The trick is) to close Al-Qur `an of them, bring drinks, alcohol and drugs, prostitution, and other munkar-munkar weaken Islam.”

Propaganda emancipation was warmly welcomed by people who in their hearts there are irregularities and fraud. The person whose life is nothing but sheer lust lasciviousness. Even the advocates of matter pouring out propaganda to popularize it. Support for the Jewish propaganda to destroy Islam and Muslims is being led by ‘International Union of Jewish and Salibisme’ such as:
1. Mark Fahmi, a Christian, published a book entitled Women in the East in 1894 AD He called off the hijab is obligatory upon women, promiscuity, divorce with certain conditions and restrictions marry more than one person.
2. Sha’rawi Huda, a European-educated woman who agrees with his masters to establish unity Egyptian wives. The goal is to equal rights as husbands divorce, the prohibition of polygamy, freedom of women without hijab, and promiscuity.
3. Expert poetry, Jamil Shidqi Az-Zuhawis. In his poems, he told the women of Iraq to remove and burn the hijab, to mix freely with men. He also stated that the hijab is harmful and is a disease in society. (See a brief treatise Al-Az-Zaujiyah Huquq was fil Book Bayanu Da’wati Hurriyyati Sunnah wa al-Mar `a work of Hashim ibn Hamid ibn ‘Ajil Ar-Rifa’i)
The damage this propaganda actually has been known by people of normal intelligence and has a sacred nature. Suffice it to glance at the dangers that will arise through this propaganda as one of the many forms of psychological warfare (ghazwul fikri) launched by the enemies of Islam. And propaganda is not aimed at but to erode and destroy the Aqeedah of the Muslims.

Emancipation and Aqeedah

Aqidah teaches that every slave-syi’ar syi’ar uphold Islam and accept with all my heart all the commandments of Allaah without sort it out. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala-by kemahaadilan and His wisdom, has made the rules and way above his science, which must be obeyed and followed. Overall it was intended that they be safe in the world and the hereafter.

Allaah says (which means): “And who better religion than someone who willingly submit themselves to God, while he too doing good, and he followed the religion of Abraham, the upright? And God took Abraham to be his companion. “(An-Nisa ‘: 125)

Propaganda emancipation of women is clearly destroying the principle of submission to all the provisions of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and resigned to accept all his decisions. And all built on top of His knowledge, justice, and His wisdom.

And Allaah knows best-bish shawab.


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