Month of Muharram Not Shit!

Science Editor of Al Jember
“Muharram HAS COME, DO NOT HOLD THIS MONTH ON celebration, LOVE It’s bad luck.”
That said some people in this country. When about to hold a celebration, they chose the day / month which is considered as day / month that can bring either salvation or blessings. And conversely, they avoid the day / month which is considered as the bad days that could bring bad luck or disaster. As the month of Muharram (Suro) that has been popular in the community as a monthabstinence for celebration. In fact most of them believe as a principle of Islam. Is it true this is precisely prescribed or forbidden by religion?
Then listen to study this time, with full tawadhu ‘to always accept the truth that comes from the Qur’an and As Sunnah according to which has been understood by the Companions of the Prophet.
Most of them merely went along (tagging) according to the tradition that used to walk somewhere. When asked of them, “Why do you believe this?” They will reply that this is the belief of the predecessor or elders who continually passed on to later generations. So it is not uncommon to find Muslim youth only according to “what the old man,” the case.
Readers of all, the argument “what did the old man,” is not scientifically appropriate answer from a Muslim who seek the truth. Moreover, these issues concerning good and bad one’s Aqeedah. Problems then this should be seated with scales Qur’an and As Sunnah, is it true or it is prohibited by religion?
The attitude was always tagging along with what the parents and ignore the arguments of syar’i, is a reprehensible act. Because of this attitude resembles the attitude of the Quraysh when called upon by Allah to believe in Allah and His Messenger. What do they say? (Meaning): “Verily we found fathers (ancestors) we adhere to a religion (not a religion which brought thee-important life), and indeed we the people are guided by (follow) in their footsteps.” (Az Zukhruf: 22)
Answers like this are also similar to what was said by the Prophet Ibrahim Salam alaihis when they were called upon to abandon the worship to other than Allah. “We found our fathers doing so (ie to worship idols, pen).” (Ash Syu’ara ‘: 74)
Likewise, Pharaoh and his people, why they drowned in the ocean? Yes, they are reluctant to accept the call Nabiyullah Moses, they say: “Have you come to us to turn us away from what we found our fathers doing it …” (Yunus: 78)
People of ‘Aad God has also said destroy the same. When the Prophet Hud alaihis make tauhid Hail to God’s call to them and leave shirk, they say: “Have you come to us, that we worship Allah alone and abandon what is often worshiped by our fathers?” (Al A’raf: 70)
What was said by Thamud and the Madyan to their prophet, the prophet and the prophet Salih Syu’aib? They said: “Do you forbid us to worship what you worshiped by our fathers …” (Hud: 62)
“O Syu’aib, whether your religion is telling us that we leave what is worshiped by our fathers …” (Hud: 87)
Thus, every apostle of God sent forth, getting opposition from his people, on the grounds that what they believe is the faith of their fathers.
“When it is said unto them: Follow what Allah has revealed. They said: (No), but we only follow what we found from the (deeds) of our forefathers.” (Al-Baqarah: 170)
Behold, O reader and gentlemen, they make the acts committed by their predecessors as the basis and reasons for charity, but has seen evidence that there is evil in them.
“(Whether they will follow as well), although their ancestors did not know anything, and did not get a clue?” (Al-Baqarah: 170)
Islam came as a guidance and mercy to the worlds, has taught his people to always follow and practice their religion is above the guidance of Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala and His Messenger. Allah says (meaning): “Follow what is revealed unto thee from your Rabb and do not follow leaders besides Him.” (Al A’raf: 3)

Why some Muslims are reluctant to hold a celebration (walimah, etc.) in the month of Muharram, or certain other months?
Yes, because they assume that those months could bring disaster or calamity to those who dare to hold a celebration for the month, Subhanallah. Such beliefs usually called Tathayyur (تطير) or Thiyarah (طيرة), which is an assumption that a fortune or misfortune it is based on a specific event, time, or a particular place.
For example someone was going to sell, but in the middle of the street he saw the accident, eventually people were not so continued on his way because he thought he saw the incident would bring a loss in business.
People used to believe that Tathayyur jahiliyyah this can bring benefits or eliminate the harm. After Islam came, this belief is categorized into shirk that should be shunned. And Islam came to purify the conviction that everything that happens is Allah’s will and heart to free it from dependence to other than Him.
“You know, it’s really unfortunate they are statutes of God, but most of them do not know.” (Al A’raf: 131)

Someone who believes that anyone who held a celebration event or other walimahan in the month of Muharram will be overwritten misfortune and disaster, then that person has fallen into shirk in Allah. Prophet has report Thus, in his saying (which means): “Thiyarah it is shirk.” (Narrated by Ahmad and At-Tirmidhi)
The reader, know that these acts are classified into shirk because of several things, among them:
1. Someone who berthiyarah tawakkalnya means he leaves to God. And resignation is one type of worship which God commanded His servants. Everything in heaven and on earth, all under the arrangement and His will, salvation, joy, tragedy and disaster, everything comes from God. Allah says (meaning): “Verily I sole trust in God my Lord and Rabbmu, there was a creature but He holds the top of his head (full control).” (Hud: 56)
2. Someone who bertathayyur means he has something to hang the case that there is no per se (not suitable as a dependent). When someone hung safety or misfortune to the month of Muharram or the other months, know that in fact the month of Muharram was not able to bring benefit or harm refused. Only Allah is the only place dependent. Allah says (meaning): “Allah is the only place dependent.” (Al Ikhlash: 2)
The reader, who tathayyur not be separated from the two states;
First: abandon all cases that had he intended to do.
Second: do what he intended, but on feelings of anxiety and worry.
So there is no doubt that these two conditions together reduce the value of unity in him.

HOW eliminate it?
Verily Allah revealed the Shari’a is not burdensome servants. When Allah and His Messenger forbid tathayyur deed, it also taught how to avoid it.
‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, one of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah has guided us that this tathayyur be removed by resignation to God.
Perfect resignation, with truly cleave to God in order to obtain benefits or reject harm, and escorted to the business. So whatever happened to someone, whether joy, sorrow, misfortune, and others, he was convinced that it is His will to be filled with justice and wisdom. Supplications to the Prophet also teaches us:

اللهم لا خير إلا خيرك و لا طير إلا طيرك و لا إله غيرك
“Oh God, it is not good unless it comes from you, and not misfortune come except from you, and there is no god but You are right to be worshiped.” (Narrated by Ahmad)

At one point, God wanted someone to hit a particular disaster. Know that the accident was not due to a celebration conducted in the month of Muharram, but the accident was a test from God.
Believers, with the disaster that will further add to his faith because he believes God wants her kindness.

من يرد الله به خيرا يصب منه
“Whoever does God want goodness to him, God will inflict misfortune on him.” (Narrated by Al Bukhari)
Know, O reader, that the calamities that befall a person is also a result of his own actions. Allah says (meaning): “And whatever misfortune that befall you, it is caused by the act your own hands …” (ash-Shura: 30) That is because there are many immoral acts and munkar by man.
One belief is that people who Ahlussunnah mentauhidkan God and cleanse ourselves from all shirk, she will definitely get into Al-Jannah. Only some of them will feel adzab according to the will of God and the disobedience does.
But among them there is a group of people who are guaranteed entry into the Al Jannah directly, without being brought to account and without diadzab. Their number is 70,000 people, and each of the 1,000 people it brings 70,000 people. Who are they? They are the ones who have attributed the Prophet in his saying:

هم الذين لايسترقون ولا يكتوون ولا يتطيرون وعلى ربهم يتوكلون
“They are people who do not ask diruqyah, do not ask dikay (a treatment with a hot iron pressed to spot the sick), do not do tathayyur, and their sole trust to his Lord.” (Agreed upon)
They were put in Al Jannah without being brought to account and without diadzab because their monotheism perfection. When overridden misfortune or distress not based on day / month given or certain signs, but they always leave it up to God.
Hopefully this short article, may give new nuances to the brothers who previously did not know the dangers tathayyur and may Allah always pour out His guidance to us all. Ameen.



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