God is All-forgiving

At the time of Moses there is a wicked who likes to do evil. Residents of the country no longer able to prevent his actions, then they pray to God. So God had revealed to Prophet Musa to expel him from the country so that people are not overwritten disaster. Then get out the youth of kampunganya and until disuatu a large region, which is not a bird or a human being in there.

After a few days the young man fell ill. Merintihlah he keseorangan, then said: “O my Lord, even if it my mother, my father and my wife at my side of course they will cry to see the time will separate me with their (dead). If my children are on the side they would say: “O Allah, forgive our fathers who have been doing a lot of crime so that he was expelled from his village to the terrain which are uninhabited and out of the world to the hereafter in a state of despair of everything but mercy Thee O God. ”

End of the young man once said: O Allah, do not you disconnect me from Thy grace, Thou art the Supreme Sovereign of something. “Seterlah said the young man died.

Then God revealed to Moses, He says: “Go ye into terrain where there is a guardian of my deceased. Bathe, and sembahyangkanlah When does he. “Upon arrival of the Prophet Moses found a young man who died was expelled first. Then Moses said: “O God, is not he whom thou wicked young man told me to kick first.” Allah said: “Right. I’m sorry for him due to his illness and the distant groan of the family. If someone who does not have relatives to die, then all the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth would just cry kerana sorry for him. By kerana’s how I do not pity him, while I was the substance of the Most Merciful of the merciful. ”


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