hajar aswadWhen Prophet Ibrahim with his son to build the Temple many shortcomings experienced. At first there was no sanctuary and the entrance tube. Prophet Ibrahim with the Prophet Ismail bertungkus kumus to menjayakan built it to haul stone from the mountain range.
In a story mentioned when coaching the Temple was finished, the Prophet Abraham was still feeling the lack of a more rocks to be placed on the Kaaba.
The Prophet said: The Prophet Ibrahim Ismail said, “Get thee to find a stone that I would put it as a marker for human beings.”

Then the Prophet Ismail as any to go from one hill to a hill to look good and fit the stone. When the Prophet Ismail as looking for a rock on a hill, suddenly came the angel Gabriel gave a beautiful stone. Prophet Ismail immediately brought the stone to the Prophet Ibrahim Prophet Ibrahim a.s. glad to see a really pretty stone, he kissed her several times. Then Abraham asked, “Where did you get this stone?”

Prophet Ismail said, “This stone is received than not burden my granddaughter and grandson (Gabriel).”
Prophet Ibrahim kissed the stone and followed again by the Prophet Ismail as So now the Black Stone is kissed by the people who go to the House. Anyone who bertawaf at Kaaba Sunnah kissing the Black Stone. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims scramble to kiss the Black Stone, which was not kissing enough to give a signal wave only.
There is a history of rock that was once the Black Stone was white and clean, but due to being kissed by every person who comes religious visit to the Temple, he became as black as there is now. Wallahu a’alam.

If the man kissed the stone there arose a feeling as if the kiss kiss the Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail. Remember, O my brothers, the Black Stone was a place acceptable to prayer. For those who have leisure, pray there, God willing, will be heard by God. Keep our hearts so that when kissing the Black Stone menyengutukan not God, because Satan devised a powerful in the Holy Land of Mecca.
Remember the words of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab when he kissed the stone (Hajar Aswad): “I know, you really just ordinary rocks. Had I not seen the Prophet kissing you, I certainly would not do (kiss the Black Stone). ”


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