Son Not Confidence

Many of our children or even ourselves affected by insecurity. Insecurity that may hinder the development of a person’s excessive. So this feeling we need to anticipate as early as possible in children we are so they can develop into an independent person. Insecurity in children usually characterized by symptoms as follows:

1. Slurred speech, stuttering, and mute.
2. Shut down, the shame, and dare not.
3. The inability to think independently.
4. Sensing no danger, and crime and increased fear and anxiety.

As for the cause are not confident in children usually are as follows:

1. Educating the wrong way and based on threats, violence, and beating every time a child made a mistake or mess something.
2. Often blamed, beaten, threatened, heckled, and debased.
3. Parents are too limiting every child’s behavior and how berfikirnya.
4. Always compared with the other kids to give him motivation, sometimes precisely the opposite effect.
5. Underestimate the ability and self-esteem and weakens his interest.
6. Form a small body, his deformed body, such as limping, maimed, and so on.
7. Low IQ and delays in learning.
8. Always reproached him when he failed.
9. The number of quarrels between her parents.
10. Burdened with work that is beyond his ability. And his talent that he can not and fail.

While efforts can be done to cure or reduce the insecurity is as follows:

1. Demonstrate a sense of affection, especially from both parents.
2. Letting children choose their own eating, drinking, and playing. Parents should not be too set in the things that there was indeed a spaciousness in the shari’ah. As in the case of a disyari’atkan (eg, eating with right hand) then the parents should lead early on.
3. Motivate children and enhance their ability and praised him with kindness.
4. When compared with other children, should be also mentioned his good addition to the child compared with her and mentioned the ability to both, then told to do as others have done in order to become better than him.
5. Parents should not correct each other in the presence of children, do not criticize each other, or argue in front of them.
6. Mention his name at the meetings, praise proportionally in front of adults and did not mention the shortcomings in front of them and little children.
7. Using the story / stories and games to cure the disease did not believe him.
8. Example of both parents in self confidence and do not waver.
9. Bring it in a collection of adults, and get him to talk about his ability to read the Koran, hadith, stories, and others. Do not forget to remind that they are a blessing from Allah.
10. Told him to buy some of the purposes of the store and gave him a light responsibility within its capabilities.
11. Listen well when the child spoke and did not underestimate him.
12. Accompany him in completing a minor problem and in choosing his personal needs, such as toys, clothes, and so forth.
13. Get used to fast even though only a few hours, and praised him when he did.
14. Imitate the Prophet shalallahu’alaihi wasslam childhood and childhood taught her the Messenger of Allaah.
15. Deepen the trust of destiny in his heart and connects everything with God ‘Almighty.

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