Prayer Ibrahim alaihissalam

Sister, open your copy of the Qur’an for a moment and go to explore the As-Syu’araa letter ‘paragraphs 78-81 and paragraphs 83-86. In the letter there is a prayer to the creator of Prophet Ibrahim al-Khaliq. How wonderful and manners of our prophet Ibrahim ‘alaihissalam the lover of God when praying and ask Him.

Ibrahim alaihissalam do’anya start by giving praise to the five-fulfilling demand.

“It is Allah who has menciptaka me, and He guided me, and He is the substance that gives food for me and give drink to me, and when I was ill, He also heals my pain, and Allah is the substance that is deadly to me, and also substances that turn on me (again), and He is also the substance that I hope will forgive my sins on the Day of Judgement. “(Surat ash-Syu’ara: 78-80)

In this verse there are examples of how the Prophet Abraham ‘alaihissalam pray. He started do’anya by giving praise to the Creator of five. Flattery first say that God is the creator as well as the donor instructions (guidance in matters of religion), the second is He who gives food and drink, the third is that gives the healing of various diseases, the fourth is a turn on and off and the The fifth is a substance that forgives sin.

He then filed five applications.

“God grant me the knowledge and key it me from the people pious. And make me into a human being touted a lot of people in the generations after me. O Allah, make me the Garden of Delight. And O God forgive my father, actually he’s a stray. And do you despise me in the day humans are raised. “(Surat ash-Syu’ara 83-86)

God grant all requests except one prophet Abraham.

With regard to the first petition that is asking science then Allah says in Surat an-Nisa ‘verse 54 which means, “So really we have given to the family of Ibrahim’s holy book is the science.” Similarly, God has said in the letter Yusuf verse 101 which means, ” Surely Abraham in the afterlife, including those pious. “Then a second petition God has explained in a letter Shaafaat verse 108 which means,” And we leave Abraham praise the good and good speech for people afterwards. “Petition the third has God is also a positive response in a letter Huud verse 73 which means, “God’s grace and blessing of Allah to you, O family of Ibrahim.” However, associated with a fourth petition, God has revealed can not be granted which is explained in the letter of At-Tauba verse 114 which means “And Abraham to apologize to God about the request for forgiveness for his father. And when he has been clear to him that his father was an enemy of God then Ibrahim innocent of it. ”


So the prayer of the prophet Ibrahim adab ‘alaihissalam namely:

Laud and praise God the creator of the universe before starting do’anya. An-Nawawii in his book al-Adzkaar mention that the journey of the Prophet and Apostles and pious persons if requested intent to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’alaa, before they hasten to pray standing in front Robbnya, then pressed the palms of their feet and then spread out the palms of their hands and they shed tears on their cheeks. So they started from sinners to repent of and freeing of the deviations from the rules of shari’ah and fervently they hide from their hearts. And they humble themselves before Allah Subhanahu wa ta’alaa. Then they flatter their gods, purify Him, and glorify Him, and flatter with praise-praise that is rightfully his. Only after that they were eager to pray.

Not attribute evil to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’alaa. As the prophet Abraham did not attribute the pain is God’s creation to God. This is because Abraham is the servant of a very well mannered, polite and civilized to Robb him, so it can be seen in the above prayer that the prophet Abraham did not attribute pain to Him. He said: “And if I get sick, then Alallah that heal me”, do not say “and he is great substance that gives sick.” Although in fact this is true, that God is the Creator of good and evil. However, should a servant knows to be polite, courteous and civilized towards her Robb.

God has glorified these people by teaching the people such as the prayer is the prayer of the prophet Abraham. Allah revealed Surat al-Fatiha for the people of Muhammad shallallaahhu ‘alaihi wa sallam that God began this letter with the adulation and exaltation to wa’iyaaka nasta’in, while the rest is prayer. Then the letter of al-Fatihah is the argument between adab pray God is to flatter the new first pray and ask God.

Duhai sister, a Muslim who sholihah always pay attention to charity and deeds which he did. Moreover the problem of prayer. We should be civilized in supplication to the Lord We’re doing the Lord Creator of the Universe, Ruler of Judgement Day, with the example prayer that God has told in the Qur’an. May Allah give us all taufik in order to practice the science that we can have this.



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