Faith And Shalih Charity With Truth

Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Bin Nasir As Sa’di

The ingredients of the most majestic is the principal means and the basis for a happy life is tergapainya believe and do good deeds. Allah Almighty says (which means): “Whoever is doing good deeds [1] both men and women, while he had faith, verily to him will We are blessed indeed a good life and We will give you reward them with a better reward of what they do. “(An Nahl: 97)

To those who combine faith and good deeds, Allah Ta’ala told and promised a better life in the world and the best reward in this world and the hereafter.

The reason is obvious, because the people who believe in Allah with true faith again yielded good deeds that can improve the heart, morals, and ukhrawi worldly affairs, they have fundamental principles in welcoming the fun and excitement, or the arrival keguncangan, anxiety and sadness.

They welcome all things fun and exciting to receive the gratitude and use it for something useful. If they use it so surely it will bear the values ​​behind the great joy, therefore, the continuity and keberkahannya craving, and keberharapan reward as the reward obtained by a grateful servant. Those values ​​with a pile of fruit and keberkahannya actually outperformed the form of joy-joy, who was also part of the fruit.

They face trial distress, anxiety, and sadness to fight what may be resisted, denied little of what might be pushed over, and be patient on what should happen inevitably. Thus, behind the trials was born the great values ​​of attitude against the full meaning, experience and strength and patience and sincerity to only look forward to the divine. By adhering to these values ​​at the heart of that great, in their eyes kecillah various ordeals. Being who dwells in the hearts of even the pleasure of the ideals and desires to reach the gift and reward from God.

Prophet described this in a saheeh hadeeth, he said (which means): “It’s amazing about believing. All they experienced was good. If he gets the nice things she was thankful. Then it becomes a virtue for him. If he is hit by a painful thing, he is patient. Then it becomes a virtue for him. Nature is not owned by anyone except by a believer. “[2]

Sire Prophet Sholallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam explained that luck, good values ​​and behavior of the fruit of a believer than doubled at the time experiencing pleasure or temptation. Therefore, it could be you find two people who both tested in the form of luck and disaster. However, between one and the others differ greatly in the exam in accordance with levels of faith and good deeds that is in each one.

People who believe and do righteous good fortune to face with gratitude and attitude behavior that proves the seriousness of thanksgiving, and disaster with the patient’s behavior and attitude which proves that patience seriousness. Thus, it can be produced in the heart of fun, excitement and loss of anxiety, sadness, anxiety, narrow chest and tribulations of life. Furthermore, a happy life will truly be a reality for him in this world.

While others face the pleasures of life with pride, arrogance and attitude that goes beyond the limit. Then melencenglah moral. He welcomed the pleasures of life like animals that greet with greedy and greedy pleasure. Along with that, his heart is not peaceful. Even his scattered by various things. His heart is scattered by the disappearance of all pleasures concern over the number of collisions that generally appears as a result. Scattered erratic heart, because your soul’s desire not want to stop at a limit. Continue even infatuated on the other desires that can sometimes happen and sometimes can not be realized. Suppose-imagined-can be realized, he remained restless because of these things. He also welcomed a tough ordeal with a sense of restless, worried and angry complaints. No need to ask you about the bad effects of it all, a life of misery, teridapnya mental illness and neurological and sense of anxiety mixed with fear that may in turn be dragged in the most adverse conditions and the most terrible catastrophe. Because he had no hope in divine reward and do not have the patience that can melipurkan heart and ease the burden he felt. Everything can be seen through the experience.

One picture: If you observe people and things in general menilan with barometer of faith and righteous deeds, then you will see much difference between believers who live up to the demands of his faith and that is not the case. That’s because Islam strongly encourages Qonaah (accept with great pleasure) to the sustenance of God and of the various gifts and mercy that He gives His servants.

Believers, when tested with the arrival of a disease or poverty or something-that everyone can be a target-ordeal, then with faith and soul qonaah and pleasure in what God gave him, you will find it sejuh hearted and cheery-eyed, does not demand something that is not destined for him. In material terms, he looked to the lower, do not look to the upper. It could be joy, joy, and inner peace than those who won all his worldly desires if that person is not blessed soul qonaah.

Then you find someone who does not live up to the demands of faith, if it is tested with a bit of indigence alone, or not getting worldly desires, then you will find it very hacur and miserable.

Another illustration: If a person happens to things that are scary and he was hit by calamity or disaster, then the righteous faith you will see it resolved, again reassured tough-spirited handling and mennyetir something that happened to him with thoughts words and actions dimampuinya. He kokohkan his soul to face the disasters that befall it. Attitudes like these are attitudes that mententramkan and mengkukuhkan one’s heart.

Conversely those who do not have faith, if there is a frightening events, you find he shakes his heart in the face, his nerves tense and his mind is scattered. Kekhwawatiran and pervasive sense of fear in his soul. Fear of external threats and a thousand turmoil in the already stacked and fused within him, which may not be described. Humans of this kind, if not have some means of natural therapies that it takes practice a lot, then the resistance would yield himself and his nerves will be too tense. It’s all because he did not have the faith that can bring it to be patient, especially in difficult situations and conditions that sad anymore menguncangkan.

Good people and bad people, believers and unbelievers are the same on the courage acquired through effort or exercise and on the instinct (instinct) which serves cheer and reduce the volume of fear. However, believers in the power of faith, patience, kepasrahannya, and kebersandarannya to God and His reward keberharapannya on, he excelled by having more values ​​that increase his courage, his fears ease the pressure, and make it look smaller all the difficulties that dhadapinya. Allah says (which means): “If you suffer from pain, in fact they were suffering from pain (again), as what you suffered. While you hope from Allah what they do not expect [3]” (Surah Annisa: 104)

The believers awarded Ma’unah (help), ma’iyah (sense of community), and Madad (help) God’s special that can menyirnakan all fear.

Allah says (which means): “And have patience, verily Allah is with [4] people who are patient” (Surat al-Anfal: 46)

Footnote (Translation):

[1] Ibn Kathir in Tafsirul Qur’anil Adzim said: man amila shalihan; wa huwa al amalul mutabi ‘wa li kitabillahi sunnati nabiyyihi sholalallahu’ alaihi wasallam, he means the deeds that follow the book of Allah and his prophet sunnah Sholallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam.

[2] Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, al lil Tartibi Musnadil Fathur Rabbani Imam Ahmad Hanbal Ash ibni Syaibani, Kitab al-Qadr, Muslim, Sahih Muslim, Book Zuhd Raqaiq Wa.

[3] The author of the book describes the commentary Taisirul Mannan luck with his reward and salvation from the punishment.

[4] In Taisirul Mannan, the author explains that: God is with those who patiently with mengkaruniakan aid, victory, and support.


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